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burn the streets
And the way that the moon caresses the
Tide to prevail.
of hys waye.
Cursed is he that putteth his truste in man,
And taketh manne for his defence,
And in his harte goeth from the Lorde.
The lord prevails
Anxiety prevails in the end
On death row awaiting my fate
Sacrificed upon the altars of justice
Part of the ritual of ultimate fear
awe did prevail
Guardian keeper did rise unknown
All is at rest calm petrified
We are born
From hate
We have no mother
We are born

So with our lies
Well prevail
Among men
We are here
To bring disease

We have no mother
We are

Underworld dweller
Arise and tyrannize
Thyrfing warmongers
Wants you warlike again

Let the air fill your lungs
Your prevail is my
is setting
The night prevail.

But fear not darkness
It's hidden light
And you will find it
Shining with bright.

The time is running (male
Upon the silver raiding ships
Merciless men are few

From my horse's lips the song is sung
"You will be a sovereign"
From upon my horse's ears
Outer defences neutralized
Lessons in munitions are reprised
Kancet never hammer
Caution must prevail
Concealment deep inside the wire
a voice, nor any angel can bring me to my knees
Faster, then the softness of it's touch. Drowning my strength, as
It turns into my tears. Weakness prevails
to the fact, no
Shame in unleashed. Buried in agony, the storm prevails. One with
Sadness, joined eternally. Wallow in misery, 'till death do us
January twenty third
There's no road
It's been raining now for three days
We're in mud up to our knees

If luck prevails and I'm given leave
Oh, boy, I love America
The home of the brave

All I needed was shine from around the world
Everyone is wise and sex will prevail
Any given day sit down
The darkness prevails
It wins without fail
Can't care anymore, but when I am
With you it all seems fine

Grab the money, run off far away
Your problems
Enter the zone, our mission: Achieving the goal
We act alone, for reasons beyond our control
Under the gun, our power of reason prevails
is the sky.
Is it Heaven or Hell?
Only time will tell.

Pendulum will swing,
Manifesting screams.
Oppression will prevail.
Lower the widow's
one fact prevails. That the righteous all live on. These are coptic times. Leaving this place won't be no big disgrace, let loose those lies and hold
and the Luv Gun
Will be doin' you a favour

We ain't goin' down without a fight
Gonna call Mr. G to make it right
Love will prevail like it always do
The hidden hand deals just one round 
And the winds of change prevail 

Walk softly through the desert sand 
Old dreams lead the way 
more loud and deep
God is not dead nor does he sleep
The wrong shall fail the right prevail
With peace on earth good will to man
Spawn from a life of gods
The watcher is all, destruction befall

The final embrace
A silent scream
Eternal debase, deceive or prevail

Are you my white wale, the hammer for my nails tonight
pealed the bells more loud and deep:
"God is not dead, nor doth he sleep;
The wrong shall fail, the right prevail,
With peace on earth, good will

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