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Phone Pranks, Vol. 7  


Keiner hält uns auf - we're going ham
Und wenn du's anders siehst, ja, dann bist du wohl beschränkt
Witz! Das war nur ein Prank, soziales
of games, girl, this not no prank
Just broke up wit' yo' man, it's the right time (Right time)
We throwin' money at a stripper, that's the right vibe (Right
with debts
And all the prank calls was death threats
That bitch got the best sex, all across the globe
And the bitch head game was out of control

what you might find
We stand firm meanwhile 'cause niggas that seem wild
Be buckin blanks, if they were men they wouldn't fuck with pranks
I leave them
grotesque, fuck it, girls still rub my chest
I'm G with James Brown, "Give it Up or Turn Me Loose"
I'm terror on the red lines, prank phonin Zeus
from stores hung out with cool cats
Put cars on flats broke windows with bats
And that's not all even made prank phone calls 
I was flossin and sloshin
myself a mullet hook the Flowbee to the Kirby
Make a prank call pretendin' I'm a mime
Get stuck in traffic just to pass the time
Sent a letter in
punks pull pranks us real niggaz pull triggers
And I figure that like father, like son..fuk the pack man, lets buy the 50 pack and a gun
Don't mean
the dance floor, once in a blue
Me and the crew, prank jewelers, we somethin' to view
Beyond live, we leave all that stuntin' to you
Did the swish shit,
in a blue
Me and the crew, prank jewelers, we somethin' to view
Beyond live, we leave all that stuntin' to you
Did the swish shit, and all the mistress
a pimp cup
All my folk gettin' money throw your prank up
Yeah, real deal playa gon' ball out
Come drank what'cha drank 'til ya fall out

Where my girls at?
the tens at
Pull the tightest one, before the night is done
I'll be back, where here friends at

Fuck Halloween main this ain't no prank
Show me your
like it's getting to late
What? It had me all curious
I just got there, why so furious?
She said that this bastard bitch played a prank and shit
Prank-callin Funkmaster Flex to get a playback
Fuck CD's, next year I'm doin 8-tracks
Video on Betamax with SMPTE on the screen
Even Hype Williams can't pimp me
and mispellin you, prank you and put the fear of hell in you
Escaped Bellevue, stuffed the nurse in a purse
Disperse like I added too many words in a verse
a prank, all the faces are gone
The bodies are dancing, taunting me in spirit
The sounds are everything, but I can hear sarcasm in the lyrics
All the pics in
They climbed up and they said, ?Thanks.? 
LARS: They want violence, not harmless pranks. 

Run, Lars, run, just like Tom Hanks. 

can have this
But I don't need the stalkin', prank calls or the madness
My ass like whoa, my goodies incred-ible
I'm in this cheerleader skirt,
with you, I like your style
Baby don't get it twisted, I don't want your child
And I don't make prank calls, you can press redial

I guess you like
with my bankroll,
Niggas want to gank on Bone, so I stack them prank hoes,
And I'm bettin' on me takin' no more losses,
Put 'em in a coffin, and they
Invited the neighbors in.

And when at last the police came by,
Sing rickety-tickety-tin,
And when at last the police came by,
Her little pranks she
nothing but a prank, copy that you know you can't

{Hook: Lil Ya}
We down south where the beats all proper
Niggaz gettin bucked and them hoes like
catch you slipping
I'ma pull the rudest prank like the unleashing swarm
of Killa Bees inside the nudist camp
My shit is so dope
I get high, while I'm
someone give me a quarter
'Cause I'm a prank call, cop shot just for kicks
Payback for every time that they called me a spit
And Porturigan chicks told

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