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I'm at the door bringin' war to your town
It's the Rock, now you gotta Get Away like Bobby Brown
I get down, punk gets pounded like fractions
caverns down, down where the old spells are found
The war was growing in the old lands and towns
From the mountains war drums pounded with a defeaning sound
Violence is glamor, I gave it my all
With all the pavement pounded, there's nowhere left to fall
My heart can be heavy, when it drowns in your drink
This song goes out to everybody 
Who was down and got pounded out too early
All of your friends looked at you 
While you were down and they
doing what you do to me
Don't stop doing it to me
Beats pounded as we hit the floor
You liked girls but not anymore
You said you were star-crossed
the earth's vibrations 
Still pounded through her ears
So she packed a steamer trunk 
And flew a prop plane to Belize

From there a log raft took her
I've pounded these moments into dust
Virgin minds left to kill, souls to corrupt
Nothing to show but delusional
Thoughts and dreams that I've sold
with her
Truth pounded into bone
The sound of lies dies like white noise
Listen to the hum
I want to grow gardens with her
In soil of sand and stone
a pink cat, tag on a wall,
B-boys at the park while dj's rock the party
And mc's serve cooked food like mr. pounded it
Back in the days when there're
The molar gets pounded
I doubt if these celts know I'm out with the ounces
On the double
Stumble into trouble
The bums in the slums feelin' dumb, walk
But our conversation had dried up
And my heart pounded, and my head hurt
As I looked into your eyes and I tried not to cry

Yeah babe, I’m still
sat at my brother's drums,
picked up his sticks and pounded
I felt the ceiling open up, heart and mind were lifted
This primal force convincing me,
ANDYCAT:	To make beats, accomplishing incredible feats
DIZZY:	While other kids played games like Chinese checkers
ANDYCAT:	Rod pounded the pavement
adherence to formal ritual
Proves that one has nothing better to think about
Know that the nail that sticks out from the rest
Asks to be pounded violently
And the trumpets pounded in my ears. the sun shone black, a sackcloth of hair.
And the path was paved with treachery. joy, joy for I was received.
[Lyrics: Morgan Thorn, Geoff Thorpe]

I've been beaten down, turned inside out
Pounded through the wall
Had my share of scars, cherish them all
pain - it's biblical you know

forget about the future you knew did not exist
your work is being pounded to dust by Satan's armoured fist
you pledged
spit squad leutinent 

Burg Flem the rap Sugar Ray Leonard 

Round for round, ??, beats get pounded 

Hit you so many times with rhymes you think
full colour
Fire and big smoke, chokin motherfuckers
Hard pounded, the whizzle of the wind soundin
Like a woman screamin in a poo drownin
Am I insane
the red
Sounding like punches and knives

Hear the voices, they cry
It's likely you'll die
Pounded by punches and knives

The lady did not show
from it's blackened cavity.
I hope her mournful tears singe your gaping flesh wound
And your black heart will be pounded to dust

And whisked away in
world one earth
All blood runs the same... spilling over
Prophecies have paved the way
Drug a man from on early grave
Pounded stakes right through
to teach them all to heel
Born of Black wind fire and steel

Pounded by the hammers
Of the giants of the world
I can see in darkness
I'm the overlord
And once I was an ugly sea 
I wrestled in my sleep 
And hurled foul threats and curses 
At the sky 
I pounded on the stubborn shore 
Cause it can never

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