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Quantum plumbing, the pineal gland
The sixth chakra, the seventh seal
Enveloping pelicans pecking at the crumbs
Man she wore them out
These bodies only come from way down south
I got a feelin' in my pineal
Its the end of Christianity
Its the end of Christianity
Its the end of Christianity
Exprimo mi cerebro, mi glándula pineal 
Que se quede tranquilo, que deje de pensar 
Si todo es un gran ruido, no hay cómo descansar
Before I pushed rhymes like weight, I used to wanna play for the NBA
Fuck I'm doing talking 'bout pineal gland
Ancient ways of Sumerians, ain't nothing wrong with a righteous man
I have a panoramic view of my prodigal fate with a nose dive out of existence
My untouched eyelids unlock in a pineal gland trance of blasphemy
My cerebral matter synthesizes a sharpened warmth forming a kaleidoscopic ecstasy
A fond farewell decent morphs to a stairwell of a hallucinogenic worl
You know we never meant this
Serving luminiferous
Die to live amongst us
Serving luminiferous
Black the pranas breathless
Serving luminiferous
Block the pineal essence
Seeing luminiferous
Hammer, anvil, judge of torment
Six billion humans doomed
Luminiferous, souls of stardust
Reverence four hundred and thirty two
Evolution virus,
That's food for thought, a little salt in the cone
On the pineal, life is bitter sweet, that's so perennial
We gotta move on from the ignorance, if I'm resilient
They won't know the difference
Between two grown men's vas deferens
Open up my pineal gland
Serotonin transplant, happy to lend a hand
I shed a tear and then appear in the mirror
Still hear but blasted out through pineal cable

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