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not crowded anymore
And finally, I've got all the space I need to walk the floor
Lucky me

Now I've got last week's dishes still piled up in
Verbal onslaught, bring forth physical force
Of a hundred wild niggas piled in a Trojan Horse
Thought method, set it on generic mic ethic
shacks and shops
Behind a jitney packed like sardines,
With bananas piled on top.

I ran away from politics,
It's too bizarre at home.
Away I flew,
In the nineteen-fifty-seven, blue and green, two door sedan
We divided all we own, I've packed all that I can
The back seat's piled high with
think she getting fly
Supplying all the local traps I call that running shit
It's piled to the roof with sacks I'm on that gutta shit
I'm good in each
his old black dog
As we piled on in and cut out through
That late November fog

Dull as a plowshare rusting in the yard
Old Cotton grinned and waved
more. A bent old lady with a shawl of 
Black with a bundle of kindling piled on her back. She asked 
For only a place to rest but that was reserved for
the corpses piled higher
Then a big Turkish shell knocked me arse over head
And when I woke up in me hospital bed
And saw what it had done, well I wished I
And you were sitting in the corner with the coats all piled high
And I thought you might be mine
In a small world on an exceptionally rainy
Remember Belgium and the Brussels Museum
Where we piled on the front steps like stray cavaliers
Our code of living meant little to others
The few
Get your kiss out and I'm gone

Seven hiaasen honeys piled up in the Bentley Coup 
Chinese chicken heads, fella what you wanna do 
Man I'm tired
We were as young as we were dumb
When we piled in a ol' pile of junk
It was one for all, and all for one
A bunch of outlaws without a gun
And everybody putting everybody else down
And all the dead bodies piled up in mounds

'Cause when the smack begins to flow
And I really don't care anymore
And its kickin'
But it ain't chicken
But it's livin' for a city
So sick 'n' tired
Of a scene buckwild, piled in a file
Senile or Chile
They said it
Bust a move with what you can
Dead phone machine piled on the table
Disappointment is a feather in your cap
You want the truth
Not when it's
And everybody putting everybody else down
And all the dead bodies piled up in mounds

'Cause when the smack begins to flow
And I really don't care anymore
got plans and they're all piled up (ooh, yeah)
And I think this year had a personal vendetta
There's always 2031 (ay)

We self medicate
What'd you
M&M's, sweet like candy cane
Drop the top, pop it, let it bang (pop it, pop it)

All the ones, all the chains piled on the mantle (yeah)
All the dogs,
High powered coward, gettin' all riled up
Actin' like dead bodies can't get piled up, usual
Havin' no luck, but bad luck
Used to be on, now he
To keep.

Bow down to the blood you've shed
Bodies piled so steep
You say keep the faith but there's no faith
To keep.

Ave Maria Undefiled The coldest night we share together Will seem with down of eider piled If your protection covers there If you are there The darkness
sucked it all night then cooked the eggs sunny-side up
Been gambling 2 days, poker money done piled up
Hold extended clips like the police allow us
With my high starched-collar and my high-topped shoes
And my hair piled high upon my head
I went to lose a jolly hour on the trolley
And lost my
All our hopes they were piled on the back of a child that turned out to be wild
Sent the devil a prayer and caused the parson to swear
So I took

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