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I'm no good at chatting up and always get rebuffed
Enough to drive a man to drink, I don't do no washing up
I always reached the stuff piled up,
blurry eyes ever again

With windshield wipers that can't wipe
away my tears,
And everything I own piled up in the
With a speeding ticket
He lived out there on the road
Even when he was at home
And the west end sky piled up so high
And prairie clouds drowned out the light
Skulls piled on concrete, executions made with ease.
Tombs filled with sickness, an invader who won't take heed.
Evolving with a shotgun, launching
Emptiness inside, cold morning
Low grey sky immense living belly
Of a silver fur thing
In waves of weather the house lies
Piled up wood with me
piled around me like a cloud (me like a could)
Pretending that they're you has never made me proud
Maybe it's just a phase
I fold my hands and pray for
To watch me at all
The bricks are piled high
They're weighing heavy on my chest
Yes yes
Well the bricks are piled high
They're weighing heavy on my chest
Grief move in
He pays decent rent

Of course I'd rather have you
Miss your dishes piled in the sink
I would clean them twice over
If you'd come back to me
I was talking to a friend 
Who said he saw a trailer full of crosses
Piled high and painted white
It was hooked up to a tractor
Like maybe they were
A hundred tires piled high
Piled way up to the sky
There's too much metal too much trash
A hundred tires get off my ass
Stumbling through lies piled six feet deep
Steal a ticket and get on the ride again

You never will give up and you will never give in
Piled up in your mind asked again
Piled up in your mind you'll never...

Level the wall that you've built up inside
Pushed to far this time

In the back of a record store
Piled up on the killing floor
Vinyl veterans who went to war
When they was in their teens

In the back of a record
I'm there in her arms 
But it's all in my mind 

The snow is piled high on the highway tonight 
I'm a ship lost at sea on this ocean of white
hesitated, you've got only you to blame 

Cause we've had centuries of silence 
Human flesh and concrete floors 
No small amount of true repentance 
Piled up
The garbage it's creating
Is piled to the sky
To the sky
Piled to the sky

Plastic in paradise
Air, land and sea
Plastic in paradise
High toxic debris
Beirut windows are slowly rising
Houses are piled up, always looking good
We live in them together, windows with different views
And life is still
I'm no good at chatting up and I always get rebuffed
Enough to drive a man to drink, I don't do no washing up
I always leave the stuff piled up
were books on tray tables
In airliner cabins
Platitudes spilled onto petulant napkins
All piled with good luck
Under an old truck stop sign
Where I
Since she been gone
Now I can say good bye
Yes, I need is
One Night Lover's Hair
The laundry has really piled up
Find out my
One Night Lover's Hair
I'm a singer
I sing songs

Piled into our big black van
And the we drove it all across this land

Playing music that was big and loud
The open
cane, cane)
Drop the top, pop it, let it bang

All the ones, all the chains piled on the mantle (yeah)
All the dawgs, all the dawgs low creep right
sprinkled and I took the first year blues

Well then she started naggin'
She left the sink a'saggin' with dishes piled up high
No food upon the table, she
With my high starched-collar and my high-topped shoes
And my hair piled high upon my head
I went to lose a jolly hour on the trolley
And lost my

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