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pick out your favorite wine
I carry you with me each day
Everywhere I go
I'm alright, I'll be okay

I wanted you to know
Is it cold there where you
Flies like to fly, cause they don't like to stay
They're buzzin' in the ears of a chicken all day
Chicken understand and they pick out the code
What do you dream about?
Look at the stars, baby
All you gotta do is pick one out
And it's there for you
I'll be the one who makes
Your every
Because I saved him from the pound
Well we went down
Down the the pound and that's where we saw Maceo
Cat catcher said to me, "Pick one out
and bad to your friend

I pick out a suit from a men's magazine
I polish my shoes and lick them clean
Leading him out and he's stuck on my tie
While I
your style
You'll look so good that you'll be glad
Ya' decide to smile

Pick out a pleasant outlook
Stick out that noble chin
Wipe off that "full
taught him how
Well, flies like to fly 'cuz they don't like to stay
They buzzin' in the ears of the chicken all day
Chicken understand and he pick out
the king's on high
He picks her out of the crowd to be by his side
She walks up, staircase in white
She holds her breath, pretends that this is right
to the bin
I throw the laundry in
And pick out the cleanest shirt
Then I tell myself again
I don't really hurt

Smoking I once quit
Now I got one lit
a quarter
And I'll pick out a number that's a slow one
And tonight we'll start a fire we can't contain
His heart's a cold one
And I think I've been around
In this zany town
Chim chim chim sing a song of praise
For your elders
They're in the back

Pick out some Brazilian nuts for your engagement
The great charade, which we play
Are we here, to pick out the clues

Opposites they always meet... try to focus try to see
Nothing here is what it seems..
love me now
She's made it clear enough it ain't no good to pine

Walkin' about, even in a crowd, well
You'll pick her out, makes a bloke feel so
You're the one I would pick out in a million 
You're the one I would wish for as the friend of my life 
If the whole world decided for a colour
girlfriend, would you let me dress you 
I mean, help you pick out your clothes before we go out? 
Not that you're helpless 
But sometime, sometime those are
on my back

Step nine I'm gonna pick out a place to dine
Step ten will begin after we get in
It's gonna be like a miracle from heaven
If I ever get
the past

don't stick it, kick it out. Shut Down!
Don't stick it, pick it out. Shut Down!
Don't take it, get it back
I tried to kill the dead ghost -
this good
Go head go grind go get it pick the manic out with it
I really don't know 'bout y'all
You know I'm fucking high you should get with it
Love 'em all
And I just can't pick one out of them so I'm a
Cut 'em all
Cut 'em all
Cut 'em all

There's enough of me to go around up in this
Why don't we plan a big party,
Send invitations,
Rent a big hall with a ton of decorations,
Pick out a cake and a dress and a diamond ring

On the road again in cabaret
Grey hair and Fenders
Old ghosts revisited today
No original members

Pick out a pretty one and toss your hair
skinned you alive
But the heart has chosen

All that I want
Is to pick you up and out of that dress
Carry it to the depths
And feel the sin of your
heart is heavy
So slowly I will go
By the neon lights of the city glow

Just pick one out for me
Make it loud and hard and fast

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