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Pick a hundred bands up for the next show (brrt)
I don't wanna fuck, bitch, I just want throat (no)
I didn't wanna tell you that your mama was
and badder
I couldn't be unsung
I beg all these rappers infesting their addicts
And stealing your money sprung
Dun dun dun dippin' out of that
Dun little
a litre
Mad what we'll pay, no space for a breather
419 transfers with Enoch
Workouts, yeah I had scuffs on my Reeboks
Pick my feet up, Used to get beat
pick at all but I'm on the way when you call

Only you you you, only you stayed true
I said we done and we back again everything we been through
I see us
replacating my image
Don't they know sauce drip everywhere we go
They just pick up all the spillage
Madara I'll come and level your village
My young boys
you at, do you represent your city?
(wiggy, wiggy, wiggy, wiggy, wiggy, wiggy)
Do you take fools out like the homie Frank Nitty?
(wiggy, wiggy,
I blow the back of yo' brains out
And see if you could think with yo' front
Like a new single, make sure you leak for a month
Treat yo' face like
'cause I ain't said enough to pipe down
I pipe down, when the White House just wiped out
When I see that little Cheney dike get sniped out
Lights out
high feeling flirty
Bianca out celebrating her dirty thirties
Moving out to EP for the love below
The drinks ain't cheap but maneuvers hook me for
lil' buddy you solid on top of your lil' attitude (lil' buddy you solid)
I jump out there witcha how 'bout you show me a lil' bit gratitude (how bout
as them
But all that fuel for the fire is what you gave to them
And what you take from them

All my life I know my mum's been working
In and out
lil' buddy you solid on top of your lil' attitude (lil' buddy you solid)
I jump out there witcha how 'bout you show me a lil' bit gratitude (how bout
brick and chiselled body of Kim Beazley
My theory is, never touch the mic quite serious
A kid goes out on dates later than their next period
My crews got
Showin us love in this rap sport 
[Sadat X] 
I'm enhancin, with the ? slams of hash 
if the hellion pick on the black skelly 
You ridin in cabs, from
Them lies that you told nigga
I'm really livin' the ignorance
Straight up out of them backwoods
Deep south, dirt roads
Trill niggas that'll
You could make my underworld. Its a big dark world now, its a big dark hell.
Los sicka whacth out for your tails. lika purse told de a male. likea hog
I'm never nervous, quality service is what I'm givin'
My lyrics are funky because yo, that's how I'm livin'
I pick up the mic and get hype
the fuck you actin' petty wit'?
The rhythm I kick, is like a rhythmly-wicked-arith-a-metic
Pick em up quick and then give em the dick, thinkin' I'm innocent
the real truth, bitch
Breakin out for lies
My Messiahs better be ready for Armageddeon shit's expired
It's wild, bless the child
The one that became a man
Yeah, I know what time it is. 


You in love with me?! 


Yeah baby, I'm in love with you. 


Check it out, baby. 

and their panties on stage
So like every single night they pick a fight with me
But when we fight it's kinda like sibling rivalry
Cuz they're back on stage
to got me losing blessings
GOD said he'll take the next two steps if I take the first (I did)
But in it to pick and sellin the spur
From under my feet,
of that candy
They see me with a lotta cars but they don't understand it
They say the never seen ya boy out here gettin' his grind on
Phantom, Bentley,
popularity. (GUNS.)
The Mac-10 is the weapon of choice because of its concealability. (GUNS.)
With this gun, even I could stop most of the bad guys out there.

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