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you think I'd stand it?
You knew I'd pay you back.
I did it, and it happened, do you care?
Where did it go to, my youth?
Where did it fade away to?
And if you pay
Then you may be slipping
Back into the night

Then all knowing
With words and with pen I write
Of the growing
Of things that
Search light
They're putting words in your mouth so you talk like them
Dressing you up in a straight jacket
Wearing his straight jacket, taking his pay
stand up, fight for your life
A left and a right, then out go your lights

It's my life, my time and time for you to recognize
That pay backs from way
can deny
Our humanity was just another lie
We'll pay back with tears of steel
knows, yes he knows
Ain't got no time to be weak
And lose it all before I break
And pay back for mistakes I make
Don't spoil my energy
And leave some for

The struggle's within
The outcome is plain
The effort pays back
And nothings in vain

Opponents line up as they meet him
And watch as they

The struggle's within
The outcome is plain
The effort pays back
And nothings in vain

Opponents line up as they meet him
And watch as they
where the trash is
But you're not so find another spot where the cash is

Me, I'm broke

Gimme back my money, bum
You said you'd pay me back
I'm broke
roll lyrics
On the back of matchbooks
For garage ballads
Rock ?n? roll, self reference
Sentimental decadence
Yes, a feel good rhyme

I love a good cheap
me a swaller
I'll pay you back some day.

The revenuers came for him
Slipping through the woods
Dooley kept behind them all
He never lost his goods.
been chosing 
I've been living on borrowed time 
Trying to pay back the debts I owe you 
Ah but I never show you why the river could be a woman 
here's the eighth of the seven wonders, here's the [pay back] without a crime
here's to all the baby-shit so major at the time
from the last
to live my life
'Cause you're so lame

You may steal my wings tonight
But I'll pay you back for your surprise
(You know where you all belong)
You may
to come back again
Pay some dues
Back in Richmond, shit ain't changed a bit in
Niggas with a little piss in got some attitudes
I been wondering if I can
To a halt
Just like an agent
The enemies
Infected the entity
Like a disease
We will never give in
We must fight - for our liberty
Oh beware 'cause we'll pay
choice, my rules, no time for dancing fools
Taking my chances, I've paid for mistakes that I've made
Fight for the striker, I pay back the piper in spades
pay back time
They said we wouldn't make it
We'are down here only to shook
Stand up stand up raise your hands
Don't stop don't stop

Keep your friends close, your enemy closer
A kiss on the cheek from a punk ass poser
Ah, head is in his arm
Pay back time, I come and deliver
the sunlight, tryin' to pay the people back.
I killed a man in the spring time; Had to work hard just to make a dime,
To buy my baby the things that she needs.
it for the gold

All that I am asking for is ten gold dollars
And I could pay you back with one good hand
You can look around across the white world
oh oh oh

Who borrows money and won't pay you back
They'll talk about at the drop of a hyde
Lie about it to your face, when there caught

Take my rage.
Hide it in your fists.
It's all for you.
It's all I can do.

And believe me when I say,
That I'll pay you back some day,
When you're
pay you back next Friday.
You know it sure ain't big, just some cats I dig.
They said they'd do the gig."

Oh Desperado, why don't you spend your

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