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Some of your old rounders gonna pay my way back home
Sitting on the housetop, high as I can see
You love that old rounder, but you don't love me
knowing of the penalties that pay back
So keep reading my books, they're called tracks

Back no one can hold me down, hold me down
To the Front
Now just because I have you
You don't have to break your back to pay me back
Now, I don't give just to receive
I was taught at a Sunday school
hearing this

[Young Lay]
Pay back lay back got a sac of boones
Sittin in wracks with the cutties in they back room
Diggity Dam dungeon cunt I split
Capture the moment
Carry the day
Stay with the chase
As long as you may
Follow the dreamer,
The fool, and the sage
Back to the days
all he wants is a drink
Television ain't the only place to get the news
Talk to a neighbor, pay back a favour
There's someone countin' on you

don't listen when they say
Couldn't find a chitlin Pizza, at any price I pay
Goin' back to Dallas, livin' in the palace of the king

Oh, living in
"I have no ticket" the boy then replied
"But I'll pay you back someday"
"Then I'll put you off at the next stop we make"
But he stopped when he
She hurts me deadly and I'm gonna pay the price
My neck screams back in pain
And it really doesn't matter that she's starting to play games
Sleepless I am walking through the lonely streets tonight
I can't await the sunset when the town becomes alive
My hell will be your hell you will pay
change! 捨て去れプライド!
時より先へ進め 型にはまるな
今より先を見ろ 裸になれ
Stay Wild!
Pay you back, 借りを返すぜ
I'm dead
If you help me one more time
I swear that I will pay you back
This time I will

I just wanted you to be the one
But I can't help hating you! I
always bet on black
I'll pay you back

The room fills with smoke
And I'm already broke
And the dealer keeps on joking
As he takes my last
In these dark, murky waters
So hard to navigate and so easy to hate

Paint me black, demonize me, this is how you pay me back?
Do you ever really
he was some operator,
600 to one, and he'd pay me back later,
He claimed it was certain that we'd be in clover,
And the next time we sailed past
Can you tell me, tell me, friend, just exactly where I've been? 
Is that so much to ask I'll pay you back no matter what the task 
You seem really
I still can picture him 
His hands in his back pockets 
He wasn't much for words 
But when the wise kids made a racket 

He just had to go
The sun is down in the corn fields
The evening is dark
And you sing so sad
Marie Marie

Marie Marie
I got two weeks in back pay
There's gas in my car
on speed
Now he's reformed and working for the red
The white and blue
Plain sailing, shoulder pad
Dental flossing, back stab

Pay - check, Pay - check
And no one congratulated 
A moon that was always new. 
So it was planned that they would vanish now and them 
And you must pay before you get them back
will be pleasin', hey 

Stand back, what'd you say 
Stand back, I won't pay 
Stand back, I'd rather play 
Stand back 

It's my freedom 
Ah, don't worry
your love ever so (tenderly)
And easy (ooh ooh)
I owe you one - ooh ooh
I owe you one - aaah aah

Aaah aah aah I'll pay you back baby aaah aah aah
the way I'm helpin you
If you really want to pay me back
Here's what you do]
Don't let the chain of love
End with you

Well a few miles down the road
With a beating

Throw your soul through every open door
Count your blessings to find what you look for
Turned my sorrow into treasured gold
You pay

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