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on your mind
But just mark my words, dear, there'll come a time

I know you're gonna pay, you'll want me back someday
To drive the blues away then see
Speak to me
Of those days I won't forget
Your worst dreams
Has just returned, to pay you back
I'm still laughing
There's not much else I can do
She called to say she's overdrawn
She needs a cab to get back home
She'll pay me back but don't know when
I swear she only wants it all 
We keep
What happened to I'm sorry and I love you?
What happened to pay me back when you can?
What happened to let's wait until we're married?
What happened
of my 9 
Get up 
Cause it's time to make tha pay back phat 
To my brothers on tha block--better stay strapped black 
And accept no substitutes 
don't pay me back in kind,
I'm gonna lose my tiny mind,
Or did they mean to bug my party line?

They stole my thunder!
I wonder why?
me (John 10:10)
Vengeance belongs to God you'll pay back sevenfold (Romans 12:19)

Come and get me
You can't get to me
Blood is over me
You can't
time to chat
Pay ya back in full when I'm breakin' the bank

Comin' to ya hard like you know I would
Challenging the mind I think we're understood
nothing to live)
'cause it will be something we cannot do without it

If you want to leave
(wake me now)
You'll just have to wait
And you may pay-back every
you down someday
And will not fade away
There will be hell to pay
When I come back to find you
I'll show what happens when you blame

I know want
Now will I burn?
No more lies no more distraction
So pay you back.

Religion ashames you
Religion ashames me

I'm lying
you everytime.

You hurt my feelings
You hurt my family
You hurt my reasons to try
I can't forgive you
I will remember
I'll pay you back one cold day.
these pieces of this broken heart
I'll watch them climb the country music charts
She's going to pay me back in royalties
For bringing me down to my
in command
What they've done in the past
You're gonna let'em pay back
I wonder why you do to others
What you don't want them doing to you
If prejudice
you that
And so the least y'all can do is try and pay em back
I said beneath the outer layer the train is black
You just don't disrespect the people
the way I'm helpin you
If you really want to pay me back
Here's what you do]
Don't let the chain of love
End with you

Well a few miles down the road
done the same for you.
But now you're gone and I wish I were too.

I spend all my time asking questions,
How can I pay you back when
The price you
Driven into the open knife
Deceitful and malicious

Remember the fallen
Remember the fallen

Their tormented souls will never rest
To pay us back
begins to blow
Turn your back on a pay-you-back, last call
First the glass, then the leaves that pass, then comes the snow
Ain't much to rake anyway in
Is this suppression just in my mind? (just in my mind?)
No more questions, get back in line! (just get back in line!)

You pay with your life
A poor single mother on welfare, tell me how ya did it
There's no way I can pay you back
But the plan is to show you that I understand
You are
to back it up
You can hold my ice
Now let's say you owe me something
Yeah, owe me back like you owe your tax
Owe me back like forty acres to Blacks
Some of your old rounders gonna pay my way back home
Sitting on the housetop, high as I can see
You love that old rounder, but you don't love me
Some of your old rounders gonna pay my way back home
Sitting on the housetop, high as I can see
You love that old rounder, but you don't love me

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