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opportunity of the… er… opportunity to slake a thirst, which has grown over the dusty road and particularly during the last 2 nights of hard fighting.

[Forlì —
of a particularly sinister looking edifice
and peer out over its precipitous perimeter. When I did so, I beheld this
world of ours, recognizing vaguely the apparent
became the target for a particularly foul and vicious attack. A frail old lady, she
Was repeatedly stabbed then dumped In the woods and left to bleed
Tulsa is a drama and that's a genre
I'm not particularly interested in
Here comes a comma, here comes an and
I'm definitely breaking up the band
Tomorrow's daytime excursion to the cemetery
Last time I was particularly upset
Despair that the right books will never be there
Because people will not bring
Across social media, particularly on Instagram and Snapchat (ayy, I swear Fermz and Renz patterned this)
Temptation is everywhere
Glamorous looking
isn't particularly funny
Killjoy walks in just when it's turning sunny
Killjoy lives like it's all about the money
All about the money, all about
Notes: This song is often played jauntily and used as a
Representatively Scottish tune
Particularly in
Films and computer games (Lemmings 2 for
at our disposal slashes.
Dashes and dots of various sorts.
Might even meet our proposal.

Hot flashes,
And rashes I'm feeling
Particularly pretentious;
this moment
All my life

Listen, when I come from the rave
I go right from the stage
Bustin' my cup for the re-fill
I don't particularly like my
The background vocals on the chorus are strangely memorable, though not recorded particularly well -- somewhat fitting for the whole album, rough and disjointed.
to believe in

Something more and look within and be afraid

When a particularly rough night took his friend in one more knife fight

For the first time in his
put on your blue shoes
don't need your nose bleed
learn some new moves
it's the particularly perfect pitch
of the practically immaculate itch
to be
Uh, they've infiltrated a lot of, uh, about a lot of aspects of, of, of 
The military establishment, particularly the Area 51. 
Uh, the,
been particularly kind to me
So when asked to define
You feign the benign
And decline to answer properly

You feel threatened now
There's other
to tell.... but now you know. The result, of course, is a song that sounds straight out of the circus.

'Enough' doesn't particularly have a running theme,
Yeah, always, somehow I get there
In good time
Never been particularly vocal

Never cared if it's Express or Local
I just know I'll get there in good

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