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OutlineThe Outline 


Silvery reflections, make their way to your eyes
See the blurry outlines that arise
Revealing new shapes and colours
Although the landscape shivers

I guess it is love

in this cliff perched
we potter and pace
and I can see the outlines
of a sea storm taking shape

was it ever soft

The morning drew his outline
The sun released him from his rind
After all we've been through
They threw everything back at you

Reign over me
packaged as entertainment
We're coming out the basement and want the power and the payment
But he can't breathe, chokehold chalk outline upon the pavement
Faltered in your outlines ,
Creating an end to life.  

'I am become death, 
destroyer of worlds''
cardholder breeding in me
Just wait and I'll be one
If I go of sync deliberately
Will it sketch an outline?
Will it keep its beauty
Uh, you want a cardholder
On a chance of a meaning

Look up there's no ceiling where there used to be gold
I'm scanned by your leering, ah
Outline a fall
And the love that you feeling is
Underneath the artificial glow
I see the outline of your soul
I know everything I need to know
I watch the rise and fall

This is our private scene
We have
a sensation in the sky
It feeds the pressure
Its' credentials of potential magnified
Suspended in a land of dark outlines

We arise and vapourise

My thoughts
bones no blood to bleed 
A barren womb with no soil for a seed
Outline my being, a distant dream 
In the heart of the machine

Drain the ocean in me
class of prisoners
And countless chalk outlines
At odds with our fellow failures
Each struggling in desperate times

We're the product you've created
Light outline
Chemical burns 
Imperfect lines

But I'll never adjust
I'll never see myself in focus 

I am
give me anything that will remind me of the outline 
and the fine lines of your face and your hands
Cold is the wind that has taken me in
Lost is
been pushing feelings to the outside
I can't even doubt mine
That's unless you count lies
You can finish coloring the outlines
All that I can really do
And her curved outline matches her french-tips, yeah.
She got it, She got it got it.
Mama Raised her right, yes she did.
But she aint gon' hesitate to work
his whole
Life into this gesture
Would failing make it
Any lesser?

Then through the window he thought he saw
In the falling snow so near
The outline
Driving slow on Sunday morning
And I never want to leave

Fingers trace your every outline
Paint a picture with my hands
Back and forth we sway like
gone wrong
Trace your outline
Painting a picture
with my paint while crying
Make sure of your love
All you need is music and love
I need these like you
on to one thought
That I'll never be free

I roam the jungles of my mind
Sleep under stars in a pentagram outline
Waves of doubt crash on the beach
A yo
It's mo' money mo' murder another homicide
Outline your body a work
You step outta line outta mind
Words fly like they outta 9
Or a magnum it's .40
Rub away the outlines
What do you get
A wash of memories
You thought you'd never forget

We're always defining, & naming & rhyming
But for what
a saga lived, 
of someone I never knew
a phantom far, 
but still a part of you

a shadow cast, 
traced from the bearers mind
outlines the only thing,
told myself I wouldn't become this
Active in the problems I so tried to avoid
An outline of the person that I once was
A shadow moving closer
I just
Thinking of simpler times, my finger starts to trace
To rough outlines, of a long-forgotten place
Your picture 
Light shadow fixture

As I flip

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