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the dead past.

Where I lie dying, blamed for so much,
Joined by parts of you, to young to go.
That obstructed your noble cause.
You already were fighting?
came a sudden disaster, of drought that obstructed the growth
Starvation was sudden and heartless, for the king in the golden domain;
He had labored his
When I blow up, fake niggas gone claim the fuse
Couldn't see 'em when I needed like I had obstructed views
Turn diamonds to rubies when I'm chasing
And nobody did the time
I'll appeal to your mind's jury
We can let them all decide
And maybe I'll be the one you let inside

So show me replicas
It lingers
Reluctant to leave
Obstructed by me
And many more things
That I can't explain
Attachments a pain
Thoughts still try me
Mouth shut tightly
I wake up every morning to make the family proud
Don't got a lot of cash, but the vision hasn't been obstructed 
I guess you can say that we be
obstructed, paint me sights that you've seen
Paint me something amazing in silver and green

We're out here looking for variety

But all the signs
their sins, swines cursed by faith,
By a book, their liberty were obstructed, 
Now and in the time of your death
to break communication down
Now my smiles are replaced by my frowns that abound
The pounding of my heart is obstructed by the wrench
As the poetry of sad
Dehydration of compromise, obstructed to descent
Eroded by the eventide, the hourglass is wept
Cognition's to oxidize because it all transmits into
thought I was something
Destructive corruption obstructed my judgment
More pain more anger I'm a talk about it
Used to hide it in my head I won't walk
house with obstructed views

I'm building the perfect monster
The kind that fancies the ingenues
Never subject's itself to explanation... 
It's the habit
Everything's bad for something
Even truth
Memories just like our country
Obstructed view
Pick your poison and pass it around
Last one standing takes
destructive, time restrictive 
Let them all go running about for you
Lies constructed, truth obstructed
Let them all go running about for you

I lead my life
God completed Life
Throwing The Earth into The Night
All perfection obstructed by mistake
All the purity in vain

An infertile genesis exactly as my
Grains of matter, light, time, and space
Sketch the likelihood of survival
My panacea spirit
Obstructed from view

Iridescent is the planetary spectrum
around you
Your greed, waste, and lack of feeling obstructed your field of view
We provided tech to help you see reality
Instead you used it for nothing
the boards was a figure obstructed from view
20/20 is nothing at quarter to two
He stumbled over to confirm that this was true
And couldn't stop his screaming

Underneath the mountain's shadow
Holding on to love that we've known
Waiting for the sun to show again

Underneath the mountain's shadow

Organic procreation, mind-intromission;
there comes the salvation
Pubescent vaginas obstructed with the redeemer's holy essence
Humanity reduced
Darwinistic Dante's Inferno partially obstructed preconceptions steering the
Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm

As the fire's embers faded
Look at me baby, am I a little blurry?
Now your tears have obstructed your view
This is only crazy, if you think it's crazy
And of course it's always
I'm joining a cult, joining a cult, joining a cult
Cut off my hair, clean out my head, fill me with song
Scrap obstructed eyes
Leave my friends
mind an endless
Gale of confusion
Pawns of skepticism 
Inside this maze
A frenzied turmoil
Symbols embrace the void

Black is all

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