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Grains of matter, light, time, and space
Sketch the likelihood of survival
My panacea spirit
Obstructed from view

Iridescent is the planetary spectrum
to break communication down
Now my smiles are replaced by my frowns that abound
The pounding of my heart is obstructed by the wrench
As the poetry of sad
Everything's bad for something
Even truth
Memories just like our country
Obstructed view
Pick your poison and pass it around
Last one standing takes
destructive, time restrictive 
Let them all go running about for you
Lies constructed, truth obstructed
Let them all go running about for you

I lead my life
God completed Life
Throwing The Earth into The Night
All perfection obstructed by mistake
All the purity in vain

An infertile genesis exactly as my
Thoughts prevail of a broken scene
Convincing all that we are safe
Somewhere in a certain place
Vision obstructed as sight is lost
Stripped away from
Increasin' its probability after death
The heavenly bliss that gets obstructed by Set
The devil that lives inside I, I pray to overcome
As you illuminate my
searchin for the truth but
It's so obstructed
Everybody workin on their shells
Instead of the core
We gotta change that
Im tryin to be the best I can be for
the dead past.

Where I lie dying, blamed for so much,
Joined by parts of you, to young to go.
That obstructed your noble cause.
You already were fighting?
Everyday I’m feeling lost, obstructed by my mental block when
Something goes wrong these feelings start to blow apart
Surrounded by loved ones,
that dates me
Got my 7 rings
Now all I'm missing is my wings
This Halo don't fit on my head
It's being obstructed, whatchu think
I like to call that G.
To paint away all these scars
Mend this two sided heart
'Cause I'm the optimist but lately I've been so blue

Clear this obstructed mind of mine
My thoughts interrupted by you
I don’t like loving you (Loving you)
You got my mind running loose 'cuz of you
Why am I stuck to you, fuck to do
Now that's productive, obstructed justice

Scandalous black suits, waiting for the payback
Print up paperchase, waiting for the payback
Burning infectious blood flows in my vein
My body gets hotter and hotter
I feel myself boiling inside like an acid fluid flowing in my obstructed
Though there was land and sea and air
It was unstable land, unswimmable sea, and air needing light
Nothing retained its shape
One thing obstructed
By systemic obstacles
And by people who live
In a position of privilege
And won't acknowledge that privilege
And won't acknowledge what your people
obstructed, paint me sights that you've seen
Paint me something amazing in silver and green

We're out here looking for variety

But all the signs
I wake up every morning to make the family proud
Don't got a lot of cash, but the vision hasn't been obstructed 
I guess you can say that we be
thoughts have shown the way

Lost my faith in the integrity of man
Collapsed devotion in the land of the damned
Crowded judgement and obstructed views
Sailors cross the obstructed seas 
Casting into darkness and pain 
Feel the waves trap them inside 
The sea beast haunts them till the end of day
the whole bottle of something dark 
At this point I'm just begging have a heart
These kids the future obstructed views they been blinded from the start
disturbed unstable call
Caged slander awakened inner fear
Obstructed flow, screaming character
Pleasant night commonly disgraced
Graceful flight supporting
Counter-productive, over the counter drugs, had obstructed
My moral compass, and sure enough, it turned my soul corrupted
Not to mention that druggin' would fuckin'

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