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The war cry of the boozer of the booze 
In normal state of little left to loose 
Winced and witnessed blood and bandage 
Not a care splashing 
Blood looks like paste on the wall
Bodies lay lifeless like dolls
A moment that felt like days
Lives extinct with inner rage

Noxious, I don't
Have you ever had a family
Or a friend that drove you crazy,
Or a foe or a neighbor
Without noxious fool of lazy?

The type of guy you'd cross
Rheumic oils forever, Bonded together as gum

Human glue, choke on the fumes
Noxious vapours, slaughterous labour
and death smell lingering noxious mixed scent anxiety omnipotent doctor
grinds the cage door revealing loves primal instinct taken away the tiny
shorted as snuff
Rheumic oils forever - Bonded together as gum

Human glue, choke on the fumes
Noxious vapours, slaughterous labour...
deserve a gold star

Don all the glands, black holes and lions
The constant companions of noxious suppliers
Carnival kings milking holiday sins
Articulate and fill with nothing said the leach of the
Leeches need pen tip drips noxious function
A double standard fee redirect burn infinite
that ass for extra value meals
And down that part of town, that frightens the masses
Filled with mean motherfuckers and noxious gases

[Chorus: x2]
so spine-tinglin' I was tremblin'
Envisionin' the fear, here within a new millennium

Where rain became toxic, the air's stale and noxious
Comets hit
Pontius Pilate
Cops and robbers riot by the vows of noxious sirens
A is gullible he figure all man equal no brainer
Take it his friends and neighbors
survive the Easter in this sloughy womb of noxious isolation? 
No I can feel the sabers now in my
Illusionary casket

Now your charming little virus
my veins
And his touch gives me a frozen heart
Paralyzed, in his eyes I can see the hypocrisy
And his noxious grin convinces me
That I'll get what
at last
Wayne County Jail full of noxious gas

Got three quarters of your senses massed
You're left with only the sense of Touch like Tony
The majority
stuck forever to the same place waiting nothing but tomorrow comes
I'm a prisoner of night's enchantress of its decadent and noxious plot.
I'm just
Shout out to Noxious on the beat
2020 we going all the way in 
Fuck what they talking about 

It took time it took time yeah I waisted a lot
pandemic wave of psycosis unresolved and noxious dependance brutality a mystifying hypnosis Feast on the flesh personify replusion drown in the chaos
Noxious fugue harming
Vermilion fog mending
Flaccid weight crushing
Bearing down slowly
Like a corpse rotting
Smoldering prism speaking
It’s not worth the toxic air I breath
This noxious mix of raw debris
Asbestos and carcinogens
Molecules of oxygen
These old habits they die hard
of revenge 
Are by my side

Machine and flesh converge
This dawn will testify
The fall of noxious minds
End of nefariousness
A maelstrom of decay 
Is vanished
to be
Faith's distortion is noxious
Contrary to Liberty

Fuck the patriotic scum!
Down with Dominionism!
Raise the Devil's black flag high!
Toko, tiki, toko, tiki, toki, tiki, to
Toko, tiki, to, toko, tiki, to
Toko, tiki, tiki, toko, tiki, to (Noxious)
Toko, tiki, to, toko, tiki
without a major sponsor
This that talk that make your favorite noxious
Yeah I listen when they making offers
But I ain’t the compromising type of artist
clogged and noxious throat

In the belly of our beast
With thumbs deep in eye-sockets, we can see
Gnarled hands upon the swollen throats
Our one true love

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