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Felt your heart go cold
With every unmade call
And in a moment's notice
I felt us lose it all but
I wouldn't change a thing

Any less than two can be
the mold of a new jazz musician
We got Oscar Peterson on the track, you would notice if you listened to the jazz greats
Art Tatum, Thelonious Monk, man I'm
Didn't notice not to know i wouldn't be here long
There was nothing wrong
That's what you tell me
You could strum along, but your still off beat
I don't fuck with these niggas 
Don't fuck with these hoes 
I'm bumping a line in the rolls 
She fucking & getting exposed 
They notice when I come
walking by, but no-one notices my
Heart smiling, cause I won't be lonely for much longer
I'll soon be in the arms of the ones I love

Oh, oh
I'll say
Your thoughts
You're out of your mind

You didn't even notice
Maybe your ignorance was bliss
I did something wrong
With returning your kiss

I did
the clouds have gone to bed, there's still a light above my head
She's just so clever and so keen
And I can't believe she'd even notice me

Come to me, come,
some people 
Have to wait they can't stand it
All that speaking and chanting 
You don't notice the money 
Out your pocket for the collection plate 
mourning ends
Put your hand in mine, your head on my shoulder
Time to break the ice because we've been getting colder
Did you even notice?
I know we ain't
a mile in your own shoes
Take the nine out ya saggy jean waist line
You can't face time, when facetime
Take notice that half of them are bogus
Stay true
Aint nobody go to heavan we all gonna meet bellow 
Quick to sacrifice it all just to get a feel a dough
When you get a hold of it notice how fast it
first woman on earth
So beautiful you wouldn't notice the magma boiling beneath the surface
More of a Lillith image
I am not Submissive
You cannot make me
you I wouldn’t notice, 'cause I
Don’t wanna keep us guessing
The truth
I'd rather count my blessings
With you
Something for us, to remember
A life
like my daughter before she even notice
My father try dump em on my mother thats that hoe shit
I dont do this shit for no recognition
Tryn make sure my
Deep down you want me to stay, cause of all the problems I can erase
I couldn’t help but notice the tears falling off your pretty face
I will never
So I open up, it’s cold as fuck, don’t notice us
Young nigga just hold my cup
You bad as fuck, not bad enough, you had to much
Now you looking sad
don't know what's next but
It got me falling apart instead
Filled up with regret
Notice how I still don't think how you felt
Letting go something that
got eyes of Horus
Competition just disappeared
Bet yall aint even notice
Yeah that's that hocus pocus flow
And my flow the coldest but
You remind me
and write mean
I wrote this with dope pills of visine
But this goat shit you notice I might be
The fucking coldest since frozen and ice cream
King Tay, King
selling packs so I could feel like Pusha T
I played some shows and now I'm hoping that they notice me
You want it?
I got it
I moved in
I bought it
might reach my butler cuz I’m coasting
Just flew out to LA back in Austin damn you nosey
Bending corners
Get a Rollie
Split a 40
Bitch you notice
impose this
Rare solstice
Her beauty focused
Girl, I dared to notice
This feeling seeming formless, And now I can't ignore this
Im most alive on the stage
but I notice nigga
lookin’ like an arctic ocean
Imposing for pics they get clout if they post it
Exposing these chicks air ‘em out when I notice
Back off chickens all cap like

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