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finding a hottie

Ah you think you're arty
I notice you hardly
I run my own party
Yes, baby, I am haughty

Did I turn you on
You gotta hold on

They see
won't make you bored
I'll keep you in my thoughts all of the time

I can make you notice just how wonderful you are
It doesn't take a genius to see that
Lately I feel chosen
I feel the need to go in
My spirit filled with gold
Boi I'm looking clean
Everybody notice
My mindset 'bout the POTUS
I've been pushin' up the roses
My camera's full of poses and nobody knows this
Hey, I thought you would notice
So baby, come and focus or do
Notice letter on the sliding door
U should be reading better stay out
I got no money flowing up
Less talk homie better chase a check
No shortcuts
She's the girl that keeps you looking
When you know you shouldn't stare
She wears a black dress with flowers everywhere
Doesn't notice that you're
somebody calls me wack
Let me grow
Because I know
I know your dreams'll run away
And that's why we call it a chase
I hoping you would notice
I been growing
to love a
Vision of you

So I ask myself
Do you remember?
Do you even 
That I've nearly
Am I a vision?
Is this a vision of love?
as well as now I sing
Yo nunca me sentí tan bien como ahora que canto
The-Then I wrote some ideas I enjoyed and I started notice where where I voy
I don't
Don't be mad that I'm living life gorgeous

I'd done two tabs, looking like portraits
Three years pasted, and I aint even notice
Wait two more,
ever notice that guy's so big"

You're pissing me off again
I'm hanging on by a final thread
Once I finally snap then
I'm gonna cut off your head
This is
should pull

But you don't notice
And you don't protest
When i say it's time
We get through dinner
And at bath you shiver
And shake until you're dry
Notice bitch this ain't a relapse
Hey woah yeah
Party every fuckin day
Never slow down no

Welcome to the party
We go real hard yeah
Welcome to the party
yu a play Pub G
Tek di time out and come massage me
Mi notice anytime you nature a rise
Bro gad yu not even try gimmi a surprise

A likkle bit a cuggle
gotcha weak
And you don't want to speak
Just got that eviction notice
And got a move in two weeks
But two weeks isn't enough
For you to find a replacement
them niggaz in disguise 
Nappy didn't notice put him in the sky
Now they know couple niggas gotta die
I know A couple niggas down to ride
I know they
I'm bizarre
Yeah I smoke a bowl like every mornin' 
Bitch I whip it like its stolen
Do this shit until they notice
Competition gettin' hopeless

I be
You leave off in the night
I'm not ready to say goodbye
Doing shit for the forbes list
Hope you notice
Come into my hood balling
We gon rob him
like Jodeci 
She notice me 
Imma put that D all in her ovaries
Come over to my side and imma show you just how cold it be 
Hard to keep ya homeostasis
to be scared
We'll get together once we're there
And then you'll be free
I won't allow you to be scared
You left a notice you're impaired
And now you are
on cloud nine, you're so damn fine
Look at those eyes, how can I resist?
I close my eyes and make my first wish
Notice me for who I am
I want to be your
how, But I got some news for you you you you
Jumped in at my lowest, Just a fuck and you thought I wouldn't notice
In my feelings but I gotta stay
the cellar
I got some clean money
They pay me to show up
They gon' pay me just to show up
When I pull up
You gon notice
Ace In The Woods
Doing donuts
to state
Tryna beat the case
Think I need a twin like Mary Kate
She go with me state to state
Think I need a twin like Mary Kate
Play these games they notice

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