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cos lately he gets mad
He's jealous of our... friendship 
But careless with his mistress
You watch him undress
And notice the marks where her lips
guess it's just the time of the season
But you don't seem to notice
Even when I give you every reason
I get so angry when you act like you know what I'm
Yeah i used to be a savage but now I'm passionate
Yeah i used to be smashing but now I'm average
I had to quit to notice that I'm lit (I'm lit)
and sold yourself
Been tryna help you out
But you never notice 'em
But you still want handouts
Before the cash out

Power and pain
They're one in the same
you back but I ain't hoping

But I'm chosen and I'm focused
They ain't notice so bitch Ima go in
Don't be so extra I make a mecca
On stage I do magic,
I see that she sniffing, her nose twitch
And I still chill with my old bitch

Yeah that's my flower my lotus
If you gonna leave give me notice
the flem and everything (everything)
Drivin' top speed Devil in the headlights 
Got the sucker frozen notice now I'm servin' venison
Honestly I feel there
ain't nobody tell me I was bleeding 
I closed my eyes and ain't notice everybody leaving 
Biting niggas flows like you teething 
Don't ask me for nothing
The revolution has begun

As you descend from your throne and walk the ethereal plane
I want you to take notice of those who thought you couldn't
some lions 
I didn't notice they was talking, I'm attacking while they cryin 
Difference in opinion every exit is an entrance 
Little do they know that I
playing and the car's rumbling beneath
You wonder if i'll notice if you disappear i see
I promise you my dear i will so please don't leave

I saw you
In my
to notice me
I am here bored alone in my room 
My phone ain't hittin' up, it's chilling but I'm not
Do you wanna be my friend do you
She just passed me
me, Bobby!

Some people hold each other
But they cling so tightly that
They might not notice if they smother
When the glowing perspiration
Is the body's
Rob Gzz that we gon get em 
I'm gettin better everyday but niggas hate like niggas hate lebron now
But when i pull up they take notice mouth open lookin
made some calls around 
Your friends called it bad luck 
And they said it wasn't like you 
But still they could not believe 
And now no one will notice
never really notice all the shit
That you got, til' its gone
I don't think that you hear
The stuff I'm saying 
I know my voice ain't very clear
starting to notice
And maybe you came from the 5th
But baby I ain't wit the shits
I remember when you said you believed in me
Said you saw more than a G in
a part of my life
I don't understand thought she was ride or die
Then I notice that bitch was killin my vibe

Dumbie thic bitch
Attitude shitty
since the human race
Double face, you can be replaced, you won't even notice it cause they don't leave a trace

Get down, don't make a sound 
Cause they
I give a notice in advance 

Yeah I'm sick 
Yeah I'm sick
Yeah I'm sick
Yeah I'm sick sick sick
I can't be fixed
This ain't a trick
Yeah I'm sick
was just a young boy back then no one would notice what I would do
So I would pick and choose 
Wrong from right 
I was trying to take flight
But my fear
in my mind just for a minute
Come across thoughts and lyrics promoting cultural pivot
Look in closer, you'll notice an overbearing addiction

I be dropping tracks now and you start to notice (who's that Guy?)
Master of the flows, divide it like it like I am Moses
want you to notice
When I'm not around
You're so fuckin' special
I wish I was special

But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo.
What the hell am I doing here?

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