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a way I feel like Forrest
Running far and far and more
Chasing someone that won’t notice
Forrest knew he was ignored
But it's not about him
What about me
you and everybody knows it
Boy you a lame, it ain't hard to notice
That we on right now
My money lookin' long right now
Damn, I been workin' hard right
I stay Alone but Gang in the corner
We need pneumonia wrist
We really will blow up this bitch
Hold this
Y’all niggas can all get a clip
I wanna have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul

I want you to notice
When I'm not around
I wish I was special
You're so very
take notice cuz they see this money pouring
I woke em up when they heard the foriegn engine roaring
These niggaz sleep too much of the same shit gets
spose to be 
Even all the pretty bitches starting to notice me 
Doors opening no more feeling motionless
Sitting around
Moping shit
It's all
home, cause 
The breeze is gone
And I can"t feel it no more, hey 

We fuss and fight constantly
It's better if you didn't even notice me
Too many games,
never even notice
Each other
Spinnin around, no other
None one could stop them lovers
You're judgin by the cover
Floatin above, you're a hover
Higher than
would change my views
On the two of you
I'm hoping that you would open your window for me
Can you be? Can you be? 
My queen

Do you notice me gone?
You scare me well 
But I notice your spell
It burns to see 
Are you happy 
On that carousel 

Tell me do you feel 
Like this could be real 


All this, so you'd notice
Before I rapped, I was a poet
Grabbed my feelings and wrote it
You tore a
Piece of my heart
Last Fall was
One, Two, three
Hide and seek
I will notice where your footsteps take you
But you're gone without a trace
Call and no answers
Where you are
Strong Woman why you look so sad?
You're a queen with a crown no cap
But I see why you're so mad
Life's a circle, keep crossing paths

Did it notice your
done gimme a rash
Yeah I'm that nigga that keep making slaps
But you don't notice, you used to them trash
Oh you just waiting till I turn a smash
Oh now
Anger keeps building from lack of emotion 
Keep on depicting through tracks I'm devoted 
Momma so selfish she can't even notice 
Maybe she's
to a show 
And baby I swear that your gonna notice 
That I got drive
That Im alive 
And that Im not soulless
That I feel every word 
and treat it with care
to have anything

Its pleasant to be here, Its pleasant to live
Society is stupid, society is fucked
I hope the world notices that we are too fucked
I feel like I lost you from the start
I started to notice when your words hurt
Where did you go who are you with
How was your day
Where did you go
you find all the gold that's inside
I wish you nothin but leverage and balance in face of a challenge 
I notice your growth
You gettin doper than
A broken spirit, a shattered core
A fractured faith, an identity crisis
That's the uncertainty that life is
In a moment's notice, when you're not
you fine you gone be chosen
Don't cross that line if you atrocious 
Don't hop outside if you know this 
Don't watch my mouth i don't notice 
Don't tend
to pick
Dispatch sent me to the wrong zone again
But anyway fire up the engines and I'm outta here
You won't notice me till I'm breaking outta
Do you notice 
The way you look at me 
How can you focus
If you don't know how to breathe
And I'm doing my best to make sure you're not forgotten
I keep the waves coming, I flow like the ocean 
I feel like Odin, God of wisdom and poetry 
How could they not notice me? 
I guess keep low key,

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