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Stepping out - Chasing dreams
Dancing all night
To the late night scene
There's a guy
I want to see -
I want him to notice me
Dance with me -
Hold me
鮮やかなHoly night
I'm sorry don't notice every day
君に伝えたい「Thank you」for you
one day, sitting in a tree
i couldn't help
but notice you there in the park
you weren't like all the others
you could fit me in your pocket
and just

I was not able to notice
So let's walking now together
3.2.1 step!
feeling that I have
The worst is just around the bend
And does he notice my feelings for him?
And will he see how much he means to me?
I think its not to be
controlled you,
they bought and sold you.
i look, at the world, and i notice it's turning,
while my guitar, gently weeps.
with every mistake, we must surely,
a lung
Look around the city, can't mimic what I've done
A lot of people gonna hate when they notice you the one
You was doing fraud? I was selling blow
I wanna think about you
Add a more dare
I wanna take the night off
Swim in a sweet self
How do I move around you
So that you notice me too?
I wanna
guess I'm in my feelings
Been so fucking focused on the flow that
I didn't even notice that I ain't got no ceiling
Peeling back the truth of the matter
Notice the new sensation across the nation
None like Luny Tunes
The Latin Boy
Yoy yo yoy
Thomas The Latin Boy

Esa en la disco baila sola
Si tu la
the photograph.
He blew his mind out in a car
He didn't notice that the lights had changed
A crowd of people stood and stared
They'd seen his face before
noticed that you noticed
This your last notice
Won't show my hand, I'm not folding
Like you know this

Don't worry what they sayin' baby they don't
life's a bitch that's when she make you take notice
1 year in, 4 songs done, I'm 'bout to blow this
Telling just the album coming but fuck that was my
peut-être lire la notice
Mes rêves sont dans une teille comme un gosse dans son liquide amniotique

On a grandi dans un décor qui nous attriste tous
And I don't know if you into this
But I can't help but to notice
You admiring her, she admiring you
Got all up on each other, y'all up to no good
I know you notice how I turn away
I stutter all my words
Baby you're so intimidating
Don't want my friends to know
'Cause I know what they'll say
Leke Sandal
																Anniversary Pe Divorce Ka Notice
																Mill Gaya Gift Mein

																Phir Ke Hoya
																Law Lag
Sang Disco Gaye The
Aa Gayi Biwi Le Ke Sandle
Aaniversary Pe Divorce Ka Notice
Mil Gaya Gift Mein

Fir Ke Hoya...
L Lag Gaye, Mere L Lag Gaye
L Lag Gaye,
daughter for my mate

I was like the serpent in the tree
Hissing out back for a girl to notice me
When she came by she didn't realize
I had the power
I almost didn't notice her sittin' there just three stools down at the bar. 
I guess by most men's standards she would not expect her looks to take
really notice until you're getting older
Everybody really got they own image
Say they wanna see you winning then they go dismiss you
What's the issue?
compared to what you've had
I don't see us being friends, yeah

Skip it to the part where you just notice that I want ya
Goin' for your dreams, oh I
Have to see eye to eye to notice what you loved
Continue to look down to see a vision of something else
Oh but you kept quiet
Your ignorance is
and all is as we planned
Where we planted seeds 
Grew some very deadly weeds
Notice hatred, fearing, and greed

The queen cried
Destroy these

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