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begins to falter and the crowds are getting thin 
But he never seems to notice he's just got to find 
Another place to play, 
Fade Away. Got to Play. 
Frantic break-up
No goodbyes
I regret I
Left that night
We went back to
Being close
When her dad was

Without notice
She flew
I watch her as she bathes
Through the mirror in the room
She notices and smiles
We struggled getting up

We went to the opera
And then out for
Some days I walk down the streets and no one notices me
They're all too focused on living life through a screen
That's not who I want to be

I can't
making moves
But I’m not the kind of girl to be rude
So I put on my dancing shoes and wait until you notice
And if I smile a little, and I frown
Passions around in the city, notice their sounds 
Momentum steady     
Coming around, I say I’m ready   
Your love is loud and it holds sincere
That wherever you go
Up there on the TV
That goddamn Fox news
is ALWAYS on

We could be having such a fine old time
It ain't cool spreading rumors
the dumb thot noticed me
Okay, like she claim that she bad but she too broke to even notice me, like

What it is, like what the fuck?
I came in this
もう辞めた perfect
ほら 終わらせる lost game
You make me so crazy (wow-oh)

やり場の無い heartache
Babe 交わらない feeling
You don't notice that things (wow-oh)
bout de la notice
Un professionnel pour 500 novices
Le monde, un bazar, on n'en a vu que les trois-quarts
Laisse moi rejoindre Dakar en Drakkar
Young lovers in a picture frame
Ever notice how there ain't no rain
Nobody hangs hard times on the wall
You won't see it in an 8 by 10
But there's
Pourtant, j'ai la te-tê', j'ai le charisme et la notice
J'suis arrivé jusqu'ici, mon parcours, un sans faute, fils de
J'arrêterai le son quand
help me
Now you notice
That I'm gonna make it
You rappers is hoes
If you asking for a favor
The answer is 'No bitch'
Got me tongue tied
I can't lie
I wanna be more than friends

I'm waiting patiently
Hope you notice me
Bring my dreams to life
Like the movie screens
surround us
You wanted to notice
The light around us
Is gone is gone is gone is gone

Lost in brightness
Skies surround us
Lost in brightness
Feeling, I want
to have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul

I want you to notice
when I'm not around
You're so very special
I wish I was special

Oh she's
to quote
Comin' bitch were good over here
Notice nurtures, what ya lookin' at dear?
In clothin' explosion of orgasm in my ear
I came to rumble, leave a few
supposed to keep her on the side
And I was in the club when them fools shot Suge
I didn't notice, I was hitting my nene like huaaah
Khloe and French, okay
look, at the world, and I notice it's turning,
while my guitar, gently weeps.
With every mistake, we must surely, be learning,
still my guitar, gently
I want to have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul
I want you to notice
When I'm not around
You're so fuckin' special
I wish I was
the brick when you fumble
Now who the fuck gonna stop me, new Kamikaze
Whipping in the 'Saki, cocky
Notice you niggas been being defiant
Forgot I'm a giant my
things I don't really care about
In one ear and it goes out
And you wouldn't even notice that my head was in the cloud
But my inner voice really wanna
When I walk with you I'm stronger than before
Think I like you from the start that's why I love you now
Idiot notice, that's the judgement days
I wanna think about you
Add a more dare
I wanna take the night off
Swim in a sweet self
How do I move around you
So that you notice me too?
I wanna

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