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for three straight weeks|But her body was never found|In some sleepy mountain town|A girl walks in and she sits down ina small cafe, nobody notices
do I wear|I'm lookin' my best for you, babe||(chorus)|12 dozen roses|One chance to make you notice|My love's a love you can't ignore|I'll give you
I like the way you look|I like the way you move|And my eyes keep finding your smile|In this crowded room|And I notice your lips moving |To every word
lOn someone who just aint right lAnd I wonder if I moved on l Would he notice, that I'm gone lChoruslAnd someday soon ill just walk away lA thousand
awakening||They never stop to listen, they'd rather pass us by|They never really cared to notice we were alive|So in this final hour, we say our last
to say
No don't hit my line
Please don't call again ayy (I said it all)

I got some new emotions in me hope you never notice
You got my vision hazy hangin'
The intervention I was praying for
Regardless of some clever words I write in my despair
I notice you're not listening anymore

You wear me out and hold me back
seems to notice

But the fool on the hill
Sees the sun going down
And the eyes in his head
See the world spinning round

And nobody seems to like
think I got paid, smoke a blunt with the Blank
Then we get high, so high that they think I don't notice
But only if they knew, that's the only way I
I'm losing days
Living life in cinematic haze
Moving through it frame by frame
And I'm trying not to notice
That I'm never in the moment

in the back streets, yeah, you'll never notice me
All that I was thinking about was cleaning up my conscience
Lost in the memory as it shakes up
the beginning.
Suddenly you notice that there aren't these separations.
That we're not on a separate island 
Shouting across to somebody else and trying to hear
Johnny Storm, feel like I'm volatile
Explosive, get close enough to notice
Your girl act out of character when she see me approaching
Ain't pouching I'm
see what I see 
What I see, what I see, yeah 

Hey act like you don't notice 
It only makes me more focused 
Apparently I'm an expert
faire un culte
Du joli mot con

Ce lieu de délices
N'a pas de notice
Mais même un novice
En aurait la clé
Y a sous sa pelisse
Le climat de Nice
s'en mêle on s'prend la tête sans s'douter des préjudices
Dire qu'on regrette fait pas parti d'la notice
Embrouilles pour des clopinettes, il manque
that love
You're the ocean

It's hard to be alone

So I'll stay around you
Rock just waiting to notice
Conquer ocean

Waited many years to tell
never be controlled 

Ignorance is bliss isn't it

When your house is empty
They moved out they moved on
But you don't even notice
Cause you're
I run 'long side the car
Turning numb to the sound

I notice a chill in the air
September is creeping up fast

Like autumn turns leaves
c'est la même musique qu'ici
Le juge, un DJ qui scratch avec nos vies
Aucune notice pour que ton fils soit honnête ici
Leur objectif c'est de remplir
all this time to even notice me

Man I'm something kinda kool, huh
Man I'm something kinda kool, huh
Man I'm something kinda kool, huh
They say I'm
see-n-eyes even notice me dawg
Cause I'm on, on, on and you ain't, so you hate
You say we family but shit it's getting hard to relate
You know it's relative
shield, just notice I got tight skills
Cuts to the left, protectors of the right grill
Palms of the mysteries, your styles cannot fuck with me
and it's so hard for me when you're my everything... all I want is you... all I need is you to notice me, picking through my head to catch your attention...

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