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like it's hocus pocus
They taking notice
I'm just me the motherfucker that they pay to see
They sleeping on the town this a rude awakening
I'm just
I'm in the shortest miniskirt I could find
Know he's staring at me 'cause I'm looking so fine (yeah)
I notice that it's getting so hot
I should
To finally notice all your signs, I
Kept feeding temptation 
Still needed attention from every girl in town 

But I wanna live easy 
And I
you'll have to notice (yes)

2020, hors-série, woo
Combo sawi l'milli, woo
Ghir rap, ghir rap, ghir rap, ghir rap
Trackat à l'infini, woo
school, that bitch chokin', man (it's chokin')
I got some loud dope, it sound like ODB (it's ODB)
I'm rockin' Saint Laurent, hope she notice me (yeah)
make a terrible boyfriend

Feels like I miss something
Stop my mind running wild
Never letting me think
Notice me losing weight
Tell yourself that
we never did,
Saying that to get you pissed,
They ain't notice, 
We already knew they motive 
Wasn't suppose to,
Make us end, break us up,
But then you
Notice me, take my hand
Why are we strangers when our love is strong?
Why carry on without me?

Every time I try to fly, I fall
Without my
These are the signs
Of when you start to change your mind

You know you moving different
Don't act like you don't even notice (yeah)
Lately, I
was green
Bodies up in the morgue isn't cold as me
I walk up in the spot, your bitch notice me

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so, yeah, so
No brakes for
'Cause yours were impeccable
You filled me in on potential five-year plans
You're thinking of jobs and homes and children
Slowly rotating
Only winning I meant it, them taking Ls days are over
Ain't no feelings in business, consider this as a notice
Come correct with approaching, no
the bush but I notice it, hmmm
Forbidden fruit up in this Garden of Eden, is still the reason
So believe it, even snakes got a season, I mean
I promise
of the arguing everyday, about the disbeliefs and the false claims
Always on the defense, never on the offense
Short for the rent, an eviction notice on the door
lad, I was just focused on shit I ain't have
I needed Jordans and fitteds and ass
I needed bitches to notice my ass
I needed all of these niggas
and ashtrays
Overdosing on lies prescribed to me by my cellmate
So to speak
Do you even notice me?
Almost had control of me
I let you into my galaxy
criticizing Dad's mashed potatoes
But he's four martinis in so he doesn't notice
Someone let the dog lick the gravy boat
And now the air in here is
'Cause it's early Jouvert morning
I just ran into K. Forest
Yo, all the gyaldem look gorgeous
Who you tellin' that notice?
Couple paintings
motion, I'm in my zone and I
Notice Trippy been golden, bitch I been
Throwing curve balls, blunts have been swollen
Look at me like, "what's good?"
Yeh I see you standing there at the backend of the room 
No one else here notices it but I know you think it too

Cause I want you
Yes I do
Do You
down the street beats watching from the cockpit
You know this
But yo, I gotta stay focused
So every now & then it might seem that I don't notice
Trust I
they all like
Hit me up online but they never get a reply (fuck that)
Ducking out the back, like I broke in
Hoping that they notice that I'm the don with
I am a beast, I am a monster
There is no beat that I cannot conquer
Assistin' ya girl, I'm magic wit this Johnson
Nigga witta' attitude, notice it
like these phony X-Men
Get em with the motive, til they notice how we hold it, til the industry imploded
That's a victory to me it's unconditional I

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