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prefer to remain silent

Science! The new nobility! Progress.
The world progresses!
Why shouldn't it turn as well?
It's the vision of numbers. 
and nobility got no reason or rhyme
All the zombies in the three piece suits
Sucking brains while in cahoots with the deadman cutting corners to survive
Born unto fire and passion
A warrior princess to be
The maiden hero in her prime
Earning her nobility

Rebellion and rage were all she knew
the score
Anger and vengeance the fuel for the fire
Living through the battle never to retire
Nobility and honor to the final day
Patriotic endeavor for
Every picture tells a tale of hidden wisdom they have found
Man is just a part of nature--not the other way around
This 'savage' nobility rule

Last, but not least, 
why not put up a feast
with nobility 
and the best whores in town?
Make it a Ball, 
well remembered by all.
All falls into
the bloodline intact and to remain highest in
Those appearing to be leaders are in fact puppets to the black nobility
Illuminati, Draconian Supremacy
east, west, south pits my points
I love my city I cannot divorce
Tell it as it is

I'm from a place where nobility is not important
For survival it's
pass me with nobility so that I may watch you fade
And I'm tearing at the seams to pull this fire from my dreams
When I'm lost and a little bit afraid
I am not tempted by your paradise of lies
Never will I fester in the bowels of 
Committed to nobility 
For a higher destiny, 

A reminder of my failed nobility

You were all I ever wanted

Reincarnation - resurrection
Call it what you will
If everything I've done could reverse
despair And made us blind to what we truly are now  Iblis bane - Iblis bane  Fallen - The veil is fallen - The truth is revealed Awaken nobility - Sovereign
a captain who chooses to sink It's noble but then you always had fixed your eyes on keeping your nobility (music) A wall I couldn't see beyond An end I
of worms penetrating her flesh
While she's lying down, down in the dirt
And there is no nobility
When I try to kill the sin in me
To fuck equals to kill
place amongst the nobility
But fuck the futility my mobility is upwards
But my cupboards be bare like Hubbard's and it's killing me
Stress make me
most crooked grin You would not know 'nobility' if it jumped right up And punched you in the face And this rock won't turn to a butterfly No matter how

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