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I found no nobility in sacrifice 
When everything you wanna be 
Comes as the price 

Too late to ever turn back now
But still some time 
To make
to defend
You try to be more but you pretense, ayy, okay
No chance of defense 
Nobility and deadflex making it
Yes we are next

Makin these checks 
souls or high nobility
They finally bow their heads to me

As soon the crimson fountain flows
One more souls ascends to heaven

Now read the words
1st Verse (JK1 The Supernova)

Sore joints to score points 
nobility to anoint 
the choice is yours, and more 
all in all, life is like an autobahn
And how much nobility
Just to rise above?

And how many peerages
Clawing at their carriages
Crying at the coronets
It's Dutch Eye! It's Dutch Eye! It's
Schopenhauer, Nietzche,
Sartre & Beauvoir
Defend the name of nobility itself
The art of intellectual reflection
My mistress of mental desire
- Not
He plays hide and seek
With the shadows of the night,
Enthroned in high mountains 
Nobility crowned with the wisdom of ages 
The forest his
of the above

Inconquerable walls... weapon of might
Splendour and nobility... barbaric times
We're the tyrants that guard the land
Proud upon our gilded
place amongst the nobility
But fuck the futility my mobility is upwards
But my cupboards be bare like Hubbard's and it's killing me
Stress make me
of the duvet
And the streets were all to straight for us
A parade of nobility seen from above
But the city is to blame for us and what was our love
lost some of my purity, but I refuse to relinquish my nobility.
The ice in my veins has yet to overcome my blood.
So just continue staring at me and I
as she grow
Don't wanna say it very obviously
But she's losing her nobility Miss Amanda Jones

Hey girl don't you realize
The money invested in you
of the above

Inconquerable walls... weapon of might
Splendour and nobility... barbaric times
We're the tyrants that guard the land
Proud upon our gilded
game of conversation
Try a new arrangement
Dollars and sensibility
Intelligence and ability
Eloquence and nobility
Treat your girl like
Black nobility plan the extinction, eradication through conspiracy
It's there for all to see, the guide stones of their creed
The mass extinction
Like boxers
Find nobility in violence
And no ability to see sense
Like boxers
Blinkered and bare breasted pugilism
How we all try to keep
But, love is the only alchemy
Love the killer of despair
Love the true nobility
Love the armour angles wear

Love will make your eyes clear
can't find no salvation, you have no expectations
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Mercury, gravity, nobility, humility.
You know you can't keep her
the soil
The cycle of life continues
Bloodlines of royal nobility shine
Signs of fidelity
So I take no bull
Cause I'm strong like oxen
destroying the Pridelands
Nobility in every gene
If we don't stop now.. Don't you see...
She has to be my queen
...there's still a chance for things to be
& feeds all hegemony and
Keeps society too divided to be a threat.

We live in a gangsters’ democracy
‘To Serve & Protect’ its nobility
Emperor put some
notches on our
silver belts but torn
And tattered sleeves can hide nobilities
but its the people that we treasure the
moments we defi ne that gives us every
Daughter of nobility,
quest for immortality.
Restoring her beauty,
with the blood of virgins.

Homicidal tendency,
infamous her cruelty.
Dabbler in
and nobility got no reason or rhyme
All the zombies in the three piece suits
Sucking brains while in cahoots with the deadman cutting corners to survive

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