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N-N-N Notch
I've got a nickel but you's a dime piece.
And you make a dollar holla when you smile at me
But I just ain't got enough on me, baby

And he was just a gentle boy
A real fluorescent light
Cried pennies on Sunday morning
Laughs nickels on Saturday night
And your bullets, they can't
as a ripple
Every little dime, every nickel, you are trouble
Watch you're little head, Fatty Boo
And give the dog a bone that could never be for you
nickels, dollars slip away
I've tried and tried but I can't save

My youngest girl has bad fever, sure
All night with alcohol to cool and rub her down
Christmas is a coming
The goose is getting fat
Won't you put a nickel
In the old man's hat
If you haven't got a nickel 
Then a penny will do
The longer I run
Then the less that I find
Sellin' my soul for a nickel and dime
Breakin' my heart to keep singing these rhymes
And losin' again
it's greed that's the killer
Money, money ain't the villain
Money, it's greed that's the killer

Penny quarter nickel and dime
How you make change
When I have money to burn, when I have money to burn

Well, now if I had a nickel for every broken promise
That I have made in my life
Time after
if you wanna see it
Trust me, I take care of mine 
Give all of my time, every nickel and dime
I got receipts if you don't believe it
Prove if you
Some days you get diamonds
Some days nickels and dimes
Some days life's a poem
Some days nothing rhymes
Some days you're a winner
Some days you
Just save up all your nickels and dimes
Let's see what you'll find
And you know

I guess I'm living day to day
Just hope that you 
Get led astray
Nickel Nina nigga Twitter beefing, first rapper to shot a fan
Gucci's my absolute state of mind like Waka's man
Chopper's spraying, getting head in a car
They are bringing me in
They called me The Wild Rover of Hell
I'm fighting for nickels and a dime,
for the rules I always break
See the blood I've
Countin' dirty money, getting faded (getting faded)
Gold chains, gun's nickel plated (nickel plated)
Whoo! Eyes dilated (die)
Fuck around and you
But I think so damn much of you

Don't take any wooden nickels
When you sell your soul
A devil of a time awaits you
When the party's over
a nickel that says it will!

Head first!
You'll compromise,
You'll let us in,
You'll spread 'em wide,
We're divin' in head first!
Head first!

Myth Syzer

Mon bébé doit manger
Pour lui j'affronte le danger
J'veux pas qu'il voit ce que j'ai vu
Ou qu'il vive ce que j'ai vécu, 55 nickel
on the corner cried out, "Nickels for your pity"
Then gasoline boys downtown sure talk gritty
It's so hard to be a saint in the city

I was the king
gotta bundle up and go
You gotta bundle up and go
You gotta bundle up and go
Sho' gotta bundle up and go

Well, a nickel is a nickel, dime is
Put another nickel in, in the nickelodeon
All I want is having you and music, music, music!
I'd do anything for you, anything you'd want me to
green eyed girl a question
And offered her a nickel's worth of candy if she'd tell

A year and some odd days ago
An old man died in Memphis
they joints for Nine-Nickel
Man I stay on point like icicles
Now who want to test Tical then touch Tical
All up in your motherfuckin mouth
baby, let's get somethin' goin'"
Headin' down to the drugstore to get a soda pop, 
Throw a nickel in the jukebox, then we start to rock
My school gal
And I've loved her since
Every doll was Shirley Temple
Soda pop was still a nickel
Jam was on her fingertips
Milk was circled on her lips

After many

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