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something that you can do! 

Im not giving up on you Im keeping tabs on the sky 
I've been mumbling to my soup I feel like a guns at my pride 
a bazooka blast
and Haters is always ugly
Rappers always mumbling 
can't understand it's funny
Face tattoos I'm worried
When you're 80 it's just scurry

Lookin bad looking
Fairytale baby this could all be lovely
Red and white huh Valentine
Cupid has me acting stupid

Indistinct mumbling

This is all about you and me
If you cheat
at the cafe
So I just roofied his pumpkin spice latte 

They’re rounded up Bound and cut 
But Im sadistic Round mumbling bitches 
To their lives I’m so
don't work, aye
Been like this from birth, aye
Your bubble's about to burst.

Even though i rap like this
Mumbling like my mouth full of dick
I admit , i
where my gun be
Her hands where my gun be
Surpassed all the mumbling
Work fast for the money
First class out the country
Early bird never hungry
I couldn't catch
Your eyes
What went wrong?
Forgot why I'm still here
Silent calls"

You slowly bend over
something intentionally offensive like these other kids
Like yelling "stop being a retard!" when they see him mumbling
Or called him a faggot when he's
I'm sitting here thinking damn isn't that a shame
You're kissing on your lady while she's mumbling my name
You think that you're a playa, look who's
Scripted adornment always kills concern
Sick of coming home with the TV mumbling
There used to be a time when you spoke to me with words
This all time low is everything to the slanderous clientele

Shaking a hand and mumbling that it's a pleasure
The faces I see are vague and hard
mumbling 'bout the
State street rock and roll
They took away the booths,
But unless they take the roof
We will see you again here tomorrow!

kids starved
Mumbling bars
We're numb to the numbers
Of people sleeping under the stars
Can't argue that the lump isn't large now
Greed is
All of my heroes sit up straight
They stare at the ground
They radiate

Me, I'm mumbling in the kitchen for the sun to pay up
Lonely is a ring
can see the forefather in some corner
With folded arms
Mumbling something to himself
Well I don't know what he's saying
But I can imagine in my mind
look on a man's face
Eyes rolling, tongue twitching, mumbling intelligible verse from his favourite prayer
This table has to be wiped clean
I've left
atlas cringes

Paying for forests you separated
Atoning for hiding the rivers
Mankind dies
In a shroud of introvert mumbling
This relationship got their heart jumping
I'll say it now, make sure I'm not mumbling
I'm in love with her
There you go, put it in your article
my fault you got drunk and got yo fucking ass wiped
Now you walking round town always grunting and shit
You got beef speak up, don't be mumbling shit
mumbling ..i what? I cant hear what youre
Stuttering. I think ill stutter too for something new(for
Something new, for something new) ill get those two

If I was everything I never was
Drugs got me bubbly suddenly mumbling simile meant to be for you
Now the futile go fishing for moon over roof
a mumbling word
But she's got to know that her voice is heard
Oh, I had a love, it was a true love and I lost it
Now I'm suffering all this pain that
a mumbling word
But she's got to know that her voice is heard
Oh, I had a love, it was a true love and I lost it
Now I'm suffering all this pain that
Mumbling with my old friend ambition
Something about the way that the wind has of blurring vision
Lying in the shade of the cathedral with my eyes

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