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the dealer so I'll black out on the plane
Mumbling in the dark and living vicariously
Through a photo album in a stranger's BNB
you will taste it
Aetheric dimensions of cocoon sleepers
Waters, Earthes and Fyres not given to us
Mumbling the calls of Aires alone
Laying the tablets
thoughts have syllables or
Am I mumbling?
Do I seem tense when I carry your load?
Or am I, or am I losing it?

Does anyone hear me? Does anyone honestly?
We're at a loss for words. 
This is legend. 
We'll all get what we deserve. 

We're smiling now, with mouths sewn shut. 
Mumbling secrets with our
a mumbling word
But she's got to know that her voice is heard
Oh, I had a love, it was a true love and I lost it
Now I'm suffering all this pain that
wanna do play some jam
I struggled and went through humbling troubles
Stumbling over and mumbling bubbles
I disappoint whatever I do
It's not enough
without the mumbling
That sleeps beneath
But on the face
On the face of it
If we're facing it

I'm just making noise...

Ask away
Goodness knows what I
thing on my mind

As we walk along, my thoughts are tumbling
Round and round, round and round
Underneath I feel a subways mumbling
It's hard to speak
Mumbling my poetry
But talk is cheap
Your body's saying other things
No need to fear
'Cause the crew is here
That the birds and the bees could the vanish In the air
But I don't care

Delicately mumbling and stuttering or answer
I'm sorry I intruded was I
And there was a man, with a coat and a cane
he was mumbling things about the world gone insane
He said, ""boys, if you're looking for your innocence,
Your mumbling words I´ll never understand 
Dark lady let your candles burn, always
Don't know why I feel this way for you
The moonlight shines bright
{mumbling} I love you
Yes I confess, the test of the faithful
Helpin' me set 'em through, may we float
And accept what you gave us and never go
So I praise you
sleeping by the wasteside of tomorrow 
When a drunk girl awoke me on the train 
But I did not see her stumbling and I did not hear her mumbling 
As I
full of possibilities, 
But then I hear you mumbling,
You only did that in your sleep. 
Honestly it's fucking scary, 
but I ask myself why,
why I still
a flower at the image in our mind 
Of the switchblade saint surrounded 
Carving out his prose 
And mumbling what he knows 

beneath the digital Avalanche.
When cecilia's grave cracked like a dirt cacoon,
She pulled up a stool at the silhouette saloon.
The player piano mumbling
a mumbling word
But she's got to know that her voice is heard
Oh, I had a love, it was a true love and I lost it
Now I'm suffering all this pain that
Awake greeted from the grave Cold lips mumbling breath to save For you I would wait home By me I would take
on you. Wrestling fighting on the stage
Put the gun down you son of a bitch

what the fucking world coming to?
How do you like that? How's that?
What's the fucking matter with you?
[* Mumbling *]

[Verse 1]
Now I been comin' in this club a long time watchin' you
Seein' they steady treatin' approachin' and they jockin' you

somewhere between where we say and we do.
we knew.
bottle back.
quick with burn.
to burn this away
You walked out of the room
Mumbling something about sleep
Your only saving doubt 
Is not finding the way out

Sweetheart sweetheart
You left me
is it Punkoid? Devoid? Schizoid? Mumbling?
Vampire state building is crumbling Crumbling Crumbling.

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