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Conduct post mortems
As trigger fingers twitch to right a wrong

"Must have peace" 
Though the megaton decree
"Must have peace" 
Warn the global
of James Madison.
This is an American post mortem, to focus on your bogus NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM, clap!

Say we were gonna, say we were gonna get it
quite well known
And the kindness he's shown has made more than one post mortem star
Well you did it Eddie and though it's hard to applaud suicide
properly, resort top sea examinin'
This is for my real hip hop fans and 'em
I dispose for 'em, leave fake MC's in the post mortem

Cause money ain't a thing
à George Orwell
J'ai vu le Beretta planqué dans le porte-jarretelles
Evidemment je ne t'apprécie qu'en post-mortem
Ils sont tombés dans le piège (Trap)
'Cause whoever you loving now keep open at heavens door (get your hustle on)
'Cause they coming for sure, post mortem, some orphan
Forced to grow up
But elated when I post more

This like post Mortem
Oh lord
That means I'm killin niggas with the sword
Mighty mighty pen
Out this world like
Wouldn't even overdo it if you called us, post mortem evil incarnate!
Researching for answers never for cures 
Blatant lies carved beneath layers 
Diagnosis post-mortem biastophilia 
Raped and choked was the outlet 
en trance
Como a GZA, "Don't give a goddamm"
Por más que andan el andén
No entienden el under, menos el componente post-mortem

Ajá, yeah, yeah,
Pendant que j m enterre
Avant que le grand croc ne me sermonne
Je vous dédie ce cantique ante mortem
properly, resort top sea examinin'
This is for my real hip hop fans and 'em
I dispose for 'em, leave fake MC's in the post mortem

Cause money ain't a thing
mortem! Lirica cada mais afiada

Haters se recolham a sua insignificância
O bigodudo ta velho para lidar com criança

Sou justiça a noite, a vergasta, o
Things that can never be repayed 

A scorched fortress 
Stands between me and my post mortem 
Most voices have no choices 
So you must avoid them
Sunday's creeping weeping pessimism is a creature of leisure
Conducting post-mortems of the universe with particular pleasure
I've tried to bar it
the pancreas where the stomach should be
Rejuvenate the rancid corpses
The innards glisten in their new anatomical display
I cackle with post-mortem delight
Tradidit in mortem animam suam
Et inter sceleratos reputatus est.

Accingite vos
Sacerdotes, et plangite
Ministri altaris
Aspergite vos cinere.
Your pulmonary system has some issues
I hack out your trachea with hatred and malice
And squeeze out the plaque from within
Your pre-mortem spasm
Nemo ante mortem beatus dici potest. 
Memento mori, memento mori.
to the bat
The bat gave its sonar to the
Dolphin who gave its blowhole to the
Whale who gave its tail to the cat

Outside any biases or post mortem
to get out and prove it to yourself
Babe you've got so much soul
You got so much soul

You're doing a post mortem
Of a future you still can have
Manufacture the static, it's magical when you get it
Most'll love to forget it
In mortem bespoke and edits
Our future together heaven
le souffle
Permettez-moi de m’ouvrir
J’sais pas où j’vais mourir mais ce paysage est mortel
Peut-être que j’vais m’y retrouver post-mortem
Nauseating pudding, thickened with pus
A genital souffl is concocted on the fly
Post-mortem nutrimentof decomposing guts
Putrescine elixir is quaffed

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