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dinde ms pas ds ma hifi (allez)

On est dev'nus des consommateurs génétiquement modifiés
Cobaye en expérience scientifiquement élaborés
Après des
of sound
The time is coming
To shake the ground

No failure at this point
The core survived
Transfer, recalibrate, and modify
Another test
Are we all
and treat you right like a decent man would do

Gonna modify my behavior to make you think I'm your savior
Now that I'm inside your head
I'm gonna use you
I modify my, my mind and chorus
I hide in forests
Ja, ja, ja
I ride a Taurus, my eye a Horus
Can't buy divorce

Oh, you're fine
Woe is me, oh this deception modifies myself
I've hurt my feelings now
Searching for reasons to make me sad
And always stricken with doubt
people with molded lines. we shape and bend, we modify amorphic people are soon defined. (lay it over lay it on) we'll search and sever the calvary song.
modify a brand new line
For you to cross, you won't survive.
Can't kill the speed, a vicious being
Forget utility, this is all about me.

I've bled for
no matter what 
Ted Koppel says on channel 4 tonight 

So modify this third rock from the sun 
By painting myriads of pictures 
With the colors
to improve

365 days left to live
Modify design in orders to improve

Welcome to this shallow nation
Join us for a narrow mind
As our eyes turns back
Succulent beautiful and fine
I cover my body, I'm feeling my mind
A fascination for penance, so please won't you modify me
With plastic knives
and treat you right like a decent man would do

Gonna modify my behavior to make you think I'm your savior
Now that I'm inside your head
I'm gonna use you
weaponize crops
For the upper hand 
Watch em drop dead 
Off of hot bread
A Clever plan 
Laugh now,
but we'll find a way to modify seeds
With advance science
Talking heads to permeate insight
No need to modify agenda
Marching orders on the way
think you're wrong
But a good guy can be someone
Who just brings the loudest crowd along

But nature refines the old device
The conscience power to modify
straight-jackets and ROBES
Huddled in brackets that blacken the average globe
Xenophobe, loathe to modify the fly, feel this...

I carve a notch in my wall for every
to modify
I know everyone does it
So I won't apologize

I'm not just the one you think you see
Today I'm gonna look one way
The one they should know
poison mitigate my pain
Feel my toes go golden up in flames
Give me false hope in my veins
Tranquilize and modify my brain

Where did I go wrong?
Over mountains I feel safe
Sacred were those summers
And these memories I place in my heart for shelter
And I modify, just to smell the ocean
But oh how you do me You strip me of my honor And I don't ever think I'm gonna
Break free of these mind games All I'm tryin' to do is modify my plan
to set things right Shake things up Modify Change plans and break the rules Play the game like you do fool
You're a heart attack And your heart is
hotter.. You speakin'? Why bother?
I auto-modify my style, I got a monicker that's volitile,
It's Flowtorch.
No force the sport knows more resourceful, than
and make the right moves if you're dancing with the devil
Three years later I was tryna modify my whole life and everything got nullified 
And my mother got
modify things  
I will break down your fatal arcadia to be free  

There is another day there in another time 
I´m ready to refine my creation
I build
ordinaire de ce monde ?

Sans ta fée, sans ta fée.

Sans ta fée, les mômes kamikazes,
Les femmes lapidées,
Nos gènes modifiés.
Sans ta fée, imagine la

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