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around 'round with you ?????
I'll let you take the wheel if you want, missus
I don't mind if you pull up to your mama
Go ahead, girl I know you duckin'
at the smorgasbord sprintin' for seconds 
That I reckon ain't as sloppy as the leftovers gettin' 
Me clocked by blocked cock pissed my tryst with his missus 
"He gives me fever with his kisses"
"Fever when he holds me tight"
"Fever, I'm his missus"
"Daddy won't you treat him right?"

Now you've listened
wrist round my honey
Goin' to see the navy-blue Vicar
Paul, Peter and missus Wray flicker
in that right position

You know baby you're delicious 
I'd like you to be my missus
You don't need no invitation
Don't wanna hear no explanation
know he got a missus, you want labels, alright bitches
(Thou shalt not) lie upon the bible
How you looking for a title when you sleeping with his rivals?
with my missus
We don't want your drama, bullet holes in televisions
I'm like bitch get off the rag, and quit takin pictures
Pour the diesel out, smoke
Whilst you have gone missing
I've got your missus in my room stripping 
Before I'm hitting you can have her back if I do permit it
A week or so is
that vision
We been talking for a minute
All your love
It got me high
With no prescription
I just wanna know
If you could be my missus
I just wanna know
(ceiling lit)
She like my voice, yeah she feeling it

Helium got me out of this world, been chatting to your missus
I get bitches, I'm a new dad for
They said to spit retarded well look at this
It's just a bit of drool girl give me a kiss
Doesn't matter if the missus doesn't miss me
When shes
conducting a seance
To predict all the shit you can take on
I'm the Missus of Bedlam
It's a sickness to long for the mayhem
At least I can control her
We're gonna have some fun, son

Give me five minutes
With your sweetest sweet tea
If she's fine as your missus
Then she's fine enough for me

A rod
Hope to live, or wait to die
Why don't you like

Chervil gloves and half cocked eyes
Bring nature to their deviled lives
Winsome missus wantoning
a bad vibe in the system over a missus
You got vicious, so best wishes
Let's just say the world is a ocean filled with mad fishes
Malicious be your
me scream,
Iddeley aye oh, iddley aye ay.
how comes my missus is so mean


She says get, yer hair cut
she won't
up like animals
Pictures of his sister, his mixture Lhasa Apso poodle
His 2.6 kids and the missus thumb-tacked to his cubicle
So damned detached from
the missus
For the chance to make history I don't regret it for a minute
Seeing cats drop a small fortune on plush ride blau?
Couple years later fools is
plenty curses and disses
Plus we don't discriminate, murking any mister or missus
Appetite for destruction, cause if the recipe misses
We feeding
went told the missus
Aw shit, Vicious hold this liquor
I got to take this phone call from my shorty trippin'

Uh, I'm dippin' out, keep the car
And as I was parting, this maiden in tow
He broke up my party with one single blow
He said, regards to your missus
And your wee kiddies too
missus is fucking every guy that she looks at
This is it, this is it, this is it, this is it
The end was always coming and now it's here

So this is
This isn?t the way I planned it, 
This is the missus, she misses the good things
Only to be bothered, only to get involved
Staring at the mirror,
getting paid like a slave might,
And I've done too many years to miss this for my missus,
To have to tell my son he nearly never existed



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