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and your back to where it started
i told you, be quiet with your burning tongue
i told you, marinate your words elsewhere i'm done
be quiet with your
a miniature sword
So where my local whores with open sores
That want copyright semen to marinate they vocal chords?

We all weirdos, anti-hero's
The ones
the best and if worse came to worse
I just marinate my spiral notebook with rhymes with possitive mind 
Waitin' for my time to shine
I seen a million
Left out in the rain too long
To marinate in steam and soft light

The stepdaughter dissolves into the dark woods soundless
The cutter delivers
every state
I put game in her ear and let it marinate
I fell asleep in that pussy, I meditate
Concentrate, keep my eyes on the goal, I never wait
the face by the marble gate
I made a call to bae and told her breakfast on the way
I'm so late, I push the ball like Charlamagne
I marinate and make
show you how it look
I stood over the same stove and cook
(Cook cook cook cook)
While I just let it marinate
They think they're playing the same game
If I'ma break the silence 
piggy stir the pot 
you know we marinate in violence 
seen that fear in predicate felons 
when they behind us 
let 'em hate
Soak it up, let it marinate
I was runnin' late to the jet
But Kev made it wait
Pick me up in an orange Wraith with the paper plates
The heart and the lung sacks dressed by my bones
Nothing alone, navigate the knots
Connect dots, marinate in the pot
Fire in the water, Marino on the rocks
Sits in your mind to marinate
Heaven it's just a time serenade
You off this tape late 
At night you alone getting zoned
To the S, the you, the N,
Get what I can get today, man, fuck tomorrow
Another swallow of the green bottle, another hit of the weed
And try not to marinate in my sorrow
Bandit with the homey D double T 
On a Sunday marinate and rollin' through streets
No tickets played it cool, just got a warning
'Cause everybody's laid
even making bail
Oh well its time to marinate up in my cell
And constantly dwell on some shit that moms wrote
Visions of hittinfg the studio blowing
medicine open up let us in
Soothing with music so why'all take heed
Plant the seed water and weed
Marinate with some spice we ready to feed
I be
taggin my piece
I marinates the moist voice wit the dominant speech
So get your shit straight, before you dictate some of this weight
Go break something,
cash exchange at a rapid rate (What what)
Let it marinate, (Uhh)
Addictive as that crack cocaine
Making up for what you lack in taste

Roll it up,
a better place, and didn't have to get buried
To get here, let that marinate
Let the deaf hear it, let the blind see it

Heavenly father, Where do I
scared to try
Don't carry it all
You can share the weight
Let it marinate
I'm here when you call

It's all in your frame of mind
Let it go, you
I'm blessed to choose a better way
Spread it to the youth, I hope the recipe will marinate
Give them food for thought, with the bars, don't
useless fighting 
Whose ragged tooth should rip through flesh 
Which marinates in rancid breath 
How quick one turns to a violent death 
When cowardice
trying to put the scope on the demon but never see him
Believe what you see and what they can add at a pair a diem
Now gates make a marinate, light
bitches lurking on Instagram, tryna find out where my wealth 'bout
Same bitches walkin' in Walmart to get free shit in self-checkout
Let it marinate, give

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