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I'm high profile, but you can't see me hoe
Got limosine tint like a real CEO
Hands free, talkin' on the speaker phone
Handlin' my business, just
I think we got a problem

Big money in this bitch if you didn't knew
Big business minus the business suit
Even I look in
I think we got a problem

Big money in this bitch if you didn't know
Big business minus the business suit
Even I look in the mirror like,
Jeah, you jinglin' baby
See I go right back and I bring 'em in baby
Business mind of a Ross Perot, but never lost my soul
Crossed the line, I
I think we got a problem

Big money in this bitch if you didn't knew
Big business minus the business suit
Even I look in
the time to part

I was doing well, and I though she liked my style
I had no business thinking like that
But it lasted quite a while
I got my promises
Down to business, Out on the curb
Schoolgirl line saying not a word
Keep your cool, They're on the scene
You're gonna have a contact with a machine
with zero
Now I'm seeing M's, diamonds like water and they jumping out the gym
Shooting like Harden if your head was the rim
'Cause niggas wanna line
How do you expect him to tell you like it is
When you're living in the middle of somebody else's business
How can he forget it

Stumbling over you
made discreet arrangements
To pass the lonely hours
When Ray's away on business
I'm not just pickin flowers
Signs on the line
Pockets swoll from tape residue, last interview and went in daytime
It's made a promise to let down smooth criminals gently in my business
Lines and pop thighs and pop bottles of Dom 
Pizzle, my Nizzle, Peace to Fran Dizzle and my folks in
Mississizzle, especial my Grandmizzle, you fizzle
looking at me and Frank, her grill was rough
Who would of ever think she'd rather do us up
But that's the business, back to the snitch
on these Puerto
Are we ever gonna feel the same?

Standing in the light till it's over, out of our minds
Someone had to draw a line
We'll be coming back for you one
The hardest working beatbox in show business
Ready Rock

(Ready, Ready Rock, Ready Rock C)
Tell em your name, tell em your name
(Ready Rock, Ready Rock, Ready
clout is what the fans will shout
Cause you got gassed and took the wrong route
Came on the scene, chillin', freakin' a funky dope line
But when they
line, running's my only way
I give the business baby, and I bring the pain
Baby I was good from far, but I was far from good

I told myself you were
Eh-yeah, eh-yeah
Eh-yeah, eh-yeah

Die Schöne und das Speed, yeah, yeah
Sie will noch nicht heim, sie will mitziehen
Ich leg' ihr eine Line und
Don't fuck around with the fuck around (no, no, no, no, no)
I give 'er the business (business)

I got the drugs and I got a plug, they checking
description and all the qualifications
If interested I need your signature on this paper (sign here)
She signed the dotted line without the slightest hesitation
You train your woman like you train your mule
All you'll do is shake your line
City life ain't so easy
You've gotta keep your business straight
Not when you call to call decline
Tell that bitch don't fall in love, fall in line
Twenty five to life ya I'm going in for real
See I'm in
A man stands up before his God and country
Raises his right hand and takes an oath
Swears he has acted in the line of duty
And he more than anyone
give a fuck what you got to say
You acting high off a line like Dr. J
Respect me like Dr. King
Check looking like a doctor bill, I made a mill'

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