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This song is a letter sung to a special friend of mine
One who stopped his singing somewhere back along the line
I wondered if he'd had enough
eighteen years on the assembly line
Just gettin' by with a little bit of overtime
And that could be the end of this story of mine but it's just
The thicker the weather gets, it's serious business 
Focused Daily

My lyricals unparallel 
You couldn't even catch a line if I called you on your chip
it is, go 'bout my business
Hanging, hanging on for you (I'm hanging)
And you'll be mine in future time
It's true ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

And we said we'd never change
And I pray we stay the same
Fame changin' everybody 'round me

Ok, good business with mad friends (and we said we'd
carpet massacre
Deathstalk papparazzi yeah
Red carpet massacre
It's going to mess with you
We're in business
You're on the hit list

There's not so
carpet massacre
Death-stalk paparazzi yeah
Red carpet massacre
It's going to mess with you
We're in business
You're on the hit list

There's not so
the long line
Where does every one come from?

As we shuffle on forward
As we wait for inspection
Don't be holding that line up
At the end lies
I 'm standing in a line
And I can 't get a ticket to ride

Pretty little penny
You 're spending all the love I make
'til there isn't any
people waiting for us down the line
We don't want to overstay our welcome here, you see
When we come back next time
Think how happy we'll be

That's alright with me

I'm laid back, easy-going
I'm not the jealous kind
I won't get in your business
If you won't mess with mine
Just say the word
and right into the evenin' 'till there were no more city lights
Those broken lines were gettin' blurry through my windscreen
Well I guess I drove all night
is no where to go
How could she tell he deceived her so well
Pity she'll be the last one to know

How many times will she fall for his lines
ich puste sie mit meiner Puste aus - Bang

Ghetto-Business, wenn der Mond scheint
Baller Coke-Lines, jetzt ist Showtime
Die Banger sind am Mic
to the bone
So I'm movin' on
Got no business 
Climbin' back 
Through broken windows

Tempting me 
With your same old ways
Thinking I'd forgotten
The business lessons for which we burn
Desolate loops in which we turn
Saga of fools, a voyage of trust
No contracts bound

Gathering dust
Which came
his right hand he held a bible (hey-hey)
And in his left, the business end of a Winchester rifle

I prayed for courage, I prayed for love
I prayed for
that line before
Just more more
More of that jazz
More no more of that jazz
Give me no more
No more of that jazz

Oh no matter
Fool got no
to make sense of every word you said

Stop beating around the bush
You're just wasting time
Let's get down to the business honey
And lay it one
a business
That's seldom what it seems

And where are you goin' tar top
Where's J.C. and the chosen few?
I saw the flash without T.Gentry
And B.V. left
mercy's a business, I wish it for you
More than just ashes when your dreams come true

Fire! Fire on the mountain!
Fire! Fire on the mountain!
Russian Roulette with my mind

It's none of my business baby just what's going on
I'm not going to wait till somebody throw me a bone
I'm way out
painted horses, oh the kids they love it so
You can see it on their faces, how they love the wind to blow
Minding my own business like my mama always said
I've worked too hard just to repeat the past

Satisfaction can be hard to find
I go crazy keeping it all inside

Ain't nobody's business

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