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[The battle rages and once again mankind is facing war.]

Infuriated - electrified
Grim and relentless they ride
Fighters are launching

I'm launching into
The abysmaluniverse
Disembodied I enter
The cosmic cataclysm

I discover stairways
To celestial dreamscapes
A dark unknown
a train, might see me in a Benz
No matter where you see me, I'm official
That's without the whistle
Even without a pistol, known for launching missiles
don't clock it
The optimist in my logic is dead
And now I'm just launching assaults on the game instead
I ain't even here call me drop dead Fred
the progress we flaunting on social,
missiles with bombs launching off the coastal,
white folks going postal,
black hate for the moguls,
shit not even the total,
Known to send a block of imposters
Launching through they concert across the room
You spreading jewels or you writing trash
Fools get enlightened last
what, got a hangnail, what
Got a hangnail, another one on my big toe

[Verse Three]
I got a, hangnail now isn't that a pity
Launching an investigation

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