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Skulls piled on concrete, executions made with ease.
Tombs filled with sickness, an invader who won't take heed.
Evolving with a shotgun, launching
and we had to dismount
Get busy fighting out in the street

Well all hell broke loose, under fire from the rooftops
Haji launching RPGs
Way hey and a way we go donkey riding donkey riding,
Way hey and away we go riding on a donkey.

Was you ever in Quebec launching timber
you rip you unsown, launching beer bottles from the front row
A mad bandit, pillaging cribs with panhandles
I'll burn your offices and have your promo
Latex lapdance lover, lust ladies limitless
Long literature lyricist
Lifting levers launching lasers, lollygagging lames loosing ligaments

Selling well kept secrets for millions in gold
playing with the phone get ready to blow
launching into orbit I reach for the sky
Shooting for
at the ends of the earth  Sanguinary lust Claim the throne of ancient glory Launching the assault A new infernal rebirth  - Solo: Parker -  Broken at last are
Living under fear of countries
Launching up a nuclear attack
Men are killing men with paper bullets
You may wonder how that's done
Money is the bullet
of the launching pad
Finally, finally it's here:
Your excuse to go permanently mad

So grab the biggest rock you can find 
Hurrah hurrah hurrah
And go pulping
Remote con 
Remote control 
The lights are on but no one's home  

Sitting on your launching pad 
You asked me for a drag 
Hoping that the fuse would light
Hammering Hank was at the plate launching balls into space saying see ya later
Skinny as a toothpick but he got a knack
Watch him swing a broomstick
pop our collars grip our nuts
Kill our enemies' visions and feed fishes there guts
Heavier in the old school country launching Malibu's
350 rockers 450
Launching couches like bombs from a second floor
Dodging work from a futon on a cold floor
Will someone save the kid, and that's exactly, that's
We're real wifey
Made eat the whole cake
Worship a ghost state
Puncture your throat with chunks of Colgate
Launching the Craig
And cutting his
to countdown is done
May god be with us - now splitting the sky
Launching our way into space

Many - failed to pass the test
Can't attain - illusive
coming out there's no escape or hiding, panic now is total
Gasping, your innards coming with it, you are puking bowels, launching birth through sickness
unchanged faces
Creating anarchy
Frustration from the other faces
Launching such insanity

dance, dance, dance until you drop
Dance, dance, dance until you
launching missiles at crossed purposes again
Crossing the same paths, denting the same ground
A merry-go-round 
A four-dimensional burial ground

an old clothesline
Like a row of captured ghosts over old dead grass
Was never much but we made the most
Welcome home

Ships are launching from my
This morning's rolling over me
You are laying next to me and launching
Into the black abyss
Into the black abyss

And I just keep thanking my
Through open water, and open skies,
Stealth launching missiles as drones fly by
See falling soldiers hear battle cries, 
We're on this mission our
Never say die

Fighters are launching up into the sky
On fire they ride
Goddess of fate
Guide and protect us tonight

Into darkness and shadow
Fear the hatchet of war
Die or withdraw
Starbirds are launching
The thrust of their engines
Roars into thunder and rain
They break through the clouds
to break us
You may try to take us
Fear the hatchet of war
Die or withdraw

Starbirds are launching
The thrust of their engines
Roars into thunder

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