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initiate the launching of my surface-to-air?
You're like a drone strike, to my heart
You're like a drone strike, to my heart
You're like a - I can feel you
I saw blades of grass 
 Where I now see a lawn 
 I heard the wings of mosquitoes 
 And now I hear none 
 I've been launching invisible lassos
I'm Reckless forever don't get it twisted all my clique got the drip so we finna shine                                          The rocket launching now
the clamour of a carnivorous horn
An exhortation launching the tempest
The announcement of night-terror

Reign of the nocturnal lords... ruling the marble
gorgeous day outside
Too bad that everyone I know will die
It doesn't matter what we leave behind
We're all standing in place
Just launching arrows
fingers. Launching an attack
An immense inability
to grasp the subtleties of life

The fear of the other breeds the hatred
Fueled by ignorance
Torched by
Season's next to launching

Tell your girl to listen, tell your girl that

Hook 2
This is just the pilot, we not even hot

Universe is busy tryna make
dancing over screams to make a scene
We were gathered on the outside, launching missiles
At your mainstream

Music brought us all together and though it
kita makin bingung saja
Percuma kita makin susah saja

Percuma hambur-hamburin duit
Bikin promo bikin launching elit
Tak ada guna kita usaha
Bila kapital
behind the wheel, doesn't feel 

World war, on our doorstep 
World war, third time charm 
Nuclear missiles launching 
Nuclear winter's calling 

Fight for
brought it
They swinging, we launching
No giving 'em options we living to bomb it 
Been the same, in any weather
So what the fuck's a little pressure?
into my pocket
Pulling out my fucking rockets
Extended bananas be popping
And launching my hate into space
Sending a postcard up there with your name
From launching the mission
Like nuclear fission blowing up in your face
I have mastered time and space
But I'm still losing the race

Up awake
rebuilding your hood makes you the man
High school drop some dough for it
Need new book homie go for it
Tell the ball players get that free degree
A launching
Physically we won't damage you,
but prefer to make your mind break through, 
psychic ninjas revealing stage tricks,
launching mirages into orbit,
or launching ships
The only thing moving, baby
Is your two lips

Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk
All your words you can keep
Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk
Oh your
Launching rockets into the air

And the wealth of our nations
Fed on angel blood
And that city short with monied schemes
Built on twigs and mud
Weatherman's predicting rain
But fire it'll be
Minutemen launching, Air-sirens haunting
Warheads detonating, Cremating
I'm living at - Ground Zero
I'm dying
Into the missiles deadly disease and poison gas
Launching them off terracidal journey kills the last
Vomiting blood
I choke on my tongue
The gas from
Striking fear in the hearts of men
The war machine will leave you dead
Rockets launching, lightning up the sky
The end is near, it's your time
The missiles are launching, the tanks are rollin'
The guns are blazing, the sky turns black!

As time goes by
We never seem to beat the ones
Who say we
on the launching of her book
She told the grimy details and the toll the details took
The tours, applause, awards of course
But as the years went by, those
laying down
Got you ducking muthafucker, turn that smile to a frown
I will pop em, drop em, bullets launching, resting all up in your chest
I'm guessing
Way hey and a way we go donkey riding donkey riding,
Way hey and away we go riding on a donkey.

Was you ever in Quebec launching timber

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