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never tied
So far ahead
Ahead of my time
That my mind is tired
Ran lapse round me
I passed my self
But I promised to myself
If i fall imma always
want nobody else, and I know that
Cause I see you and I see me and I don’t want nobody else and I know that
Soft cell, a momentary lapse
Judgment day is

Sexy in my suit and tie
But we're never tied 
So far ahead 
Ahead of my time
That my mind is tired 
Ran lapse round me 
blazing towards your final days, my child
A lapse in your pulse is slated to carry you out 
And onwards 
Even before I

Singular witness 
The only eyes
the strap (blll) 
I need the sack, yea ima tax, signed a contract, signed with the pact (awwooo) 
Til i collapse i cannot lapse, for the money a nact, i don't
they think of me 
Now can see 
Everybody looks just like a remedy
Please believe me 

If I lapse in habits then hit me once coughing up the pen 
I could
Oh what a time to be walking my mind on a moon night 
I can remember the urgency and the speed 
Leapt in a lapse as we fell in the cracks
Holding my nuts like a jockstrap
Picking at your brain but its all scraps
I stay fucking your day up, bitch
It’s on a time lapse
Fuck that
I’m bigger
prayers that lapse
Between rhyme and reason
Free will and chance
Oh, this path has no respite
Second chances don’t come that easy
At least not in this
mob ties
B**ch a** n****z tryna end my lapse
Couple bad bitches slip and fall in my laps
While I relax
Smoke and unpack
Hoping my raps leave a better
to the fight
Forget the fact that I can't relax
Find me swimming through the void
Just to count the lapse

Tally ho
We boldly go
Where no one's gone before
And maybe I just might see, but even then I'll be flawed 
Because you jus can't replace what's gone
Not even if I pour my all into the most
a joint, go for a hike,
missing the point, renting a bike?

Time lapse, looking for the tabs,
you know would make you feel much better.
Lead into a state
And I let my guard down
In a momentary lapse of emotion
It just slipped out
And we both know my heart could be broken

I said something that I never
Cause all these lapses in my life just seem to multiply
My infidelity probably led to my dui
Wake up call reminding me not to be so sly
Lot to lose,

Team on my back 
Finna run all yall laps
Tie you right on to my tracks 
Monitor's brain have a lapse
Having you type in all caps
Ration the air
to the cusp
My task seems again
To leave my mind in the dust
I'll lapse left for dead
At least my bones I can trust
It's not that I can't
It's that I won't pick
sleepless night.

Visions of flight reflect my eyes.
This chronic lapse won't rest tonight.
As I wake I take a step outside my window.
Second star
Except for all of those lapses in judgement

Your green car can.t outrace my blue one
Even though my stereo system sucks
I'll crack jokes until my head is
and didn't see the time pass
I let my mind lapse, polishing a fine glass tabletop
Just in case my neighbors stop at my pad
I'd make a fine dad, pushing a baby
of the memories
The lapses in faith, that time will impart
Take me to places beyond our biosphere
Into the unknown, where we could reside
Find me in winter when all
gon' call you that
Cause all of that drama 
Gon' cause a lapse in my mood
And I ain't got time fo' that
I'm tryin to nap
Please scratch my bee dee bee's
painted picture of Elysian struggles
Watch the waves lapse
Eating the shoreline
Just meters away from the concrete jungle
It’s a beautiful place
the thing that remains
In my vein yet not vane
When my brain misfires in membrane
I go inane, i will restrain
Before i obtain
The lapse in my drain
It all

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