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labelled scum by my neighbours
But my young bucks still call me the saviour (the saviour)
We man ain't done favours (favours)
You can all thank me later
She drinks from a bottle
Labelled tenderness
I'm in one hand in the other's a can

She puts me in the can
And smiles through the wall
I got
known anything else but being fresh
I'm on a totally different class
Set the bar in my city 
Now I'm labelled the best 

I've never given em nothing less
a Sunday, a hangover from a Saturday
Count the hours in the ashtray and work it all out
Work it all out

I designed my actions to get close to you
I labelled
As when suggesting me
To start something new

Labelled in your head
As a simple flame
But simple makes you melt
Every time you hear me sing
the white man
And everywhere you look the Blacks are labelled as crooks
When we're actually objects that got took
A little fact that's never enough mention
Follow the lifeline I labelled so neat
Through every lifetime from scars that run deep
Follow the love tracks unrivalled unmatched
Book me the right
needed was a little bit of motivation
But because we wore our pants saggin'
y'all labelled us gangsters
And said we wasn't worth the time

There are
submitting norms
Otherwise you're labelled as jerks
Yes, I know what they want me to do
Keep to fucking rules of some know-it-all crew

It's all just the same
of heights that I would be reaching despite,
No one would put me on, or even play me at that,
So earned my dues ganking mics labelled radio shack,
At open mic
of the XXL
Then try coming back to the Eastside still
Well bitch I did, and its still the kid
Labelled a Bad Boy before this deal

What up Slim, Dub, Xplo,
God with thick long lashes mind you
Realizing living in a society with a bunch of menaces
Can't be all damn bad when labelled a menace to society
as the last hope is labelled and sold
We're all for one, Mary
Outlawed for gold.

y'all might check and one-two
And be dead bodies and fools you're in a midlight of dope urban ruin
But true is able wicked ones that labelled
And we pretend we've so much time
To be who we will be
When all our tasks are packed away labelled and wrapped
These are the strangest worlds that we are
To the ones that we've forgotten and labelled as insane
In institutions rotting secret mars of family shame
Bound tightly and injected
Subdued by
of thugs carry slugs use the mind as a glock 9
Wake the ones then shake the ones
then make the ones come into the daytime
And spark the mark labelled X

They ask about the bible I was reading
Told them that the title was misleading, labelled it jerusalem
But really it's for cooking middle
able to bear
'Cause in my mind it's mad fruity to be labelled a pear
But blatantly scared, escaping any fragrant affair
That was my duty, always threw
from a angel,
In my ends I'm labelled, my tag name will say it all
So I couldn't guarantee to you that I'd stay faithful

You need a girl that moves
I been labelled
I been named
I been working
All my life
For better things

And I've been patient
And been denied
All my life waiting

Among the intentions,
Which have been sought,
Numbered and labelled,
But none of them bought.
I get the feeling you're testing me,
Used to strive to be a G but that caper was over wit’
When I wanted a M, this was all labelled appropriate
One I fronted for, one was heavy in
it senses my weakness
Or am I so mistaken
Approach and knock 3 times
And you'll find that you'll be denied this time
And labelled forgotten


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