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and the expected
I count my blessings while I eye what I've neglected
Is this for better, is this for worse?
You're all jammed up and the dam's about to burst.
understand us
And lessons that I can't cut but in the end you jammed up!
I don't take nothin' (gyah) but I expected somethin'! (Gyah)
'Cause you stated

I did good in my hood as a youngster
The Heavster was never a punkster, no sir
No ma'am, hot damn, me and Michael Jackson jammed
I dug Soul
Nigga, no cap, I was on the move, shots went off and my Glock had jammed up
We ain't even makin' no RIP post 'til we come hit a couple y'all mans up
My city stand up
Stoppin people that got into my city and what
Copyin' me and the property, poppy ya jammed up
While I eat the cam bust
Don't mock
Move with your peoples through the thick and the thin
I watch for po-po, they raiding the crib
And I ain't trying to get jammed, and have the next man
a lie, I think I oughtta shank the bitch

I got my pistol, thinking if I should shoot the shit
Click, bang, I jammed it, I slammed it aw shit, goddammit
Malik, he jammed up too
For what his hands usually call for, but he ain't do it

Who you are ain't in the recipe to what I am
'Cause where I'm from,
think I oughtta shank the bitch
I got my pistol, thinking if I should shoot the shit
Click, bang, I jammed it, I slammed it
Aw shit, goddammit
stuck up in the chimney
And I don't know what it is
But it's been there all month long.
Well, it's jammed up tight above the fireplace
Now the house


And if you want to hear some music like the boys are playin'
Hold tight, pat your foot, don't let 'em carry it away
Don't let
and started doing what the hood did
A rival gang caught him slippin tried to take his life
But the jammed up so them beat him nice
He woke up in the hospital
bond fare

Just got jammed up on some bullshit
Court date ain't until the 26th
On the phone right now with the bonding company
Got my old lady
the 38 on me but this bitch kinda rusty
Fuck it I'ma shoot it, if it's jammed then I'm running
Bow bow bow bow crumpet must be from Oakland
I ran
these accounts jammed up not gonna do the time
I know some niggas they got acquitted
And they didn't want tell and get crucified
I'm smoking on OG it ease
the building
Thankful, tryna get another million
Get jammed up, he gon' sing like Bryson Tiller
Garage look like the dealer
Got 'em look familiar
Plus I rep
one and two
My crew runs thicka than syrup from the borough
You get hurt up, word up, Jam-med like Pearl
Knock off from blood clot puff on the rough
to the sounds of Tech N9ne
I don't need no medication, I just packs my crispy flows
Endo, rum and fornication, jammed up for why'all filthy hoes
That nigga
the government bein tipped off by one rat
He caught a dope case and they threatened him with time
He get his own fuckin people jammed and he take the five
The Dutchman's not the kind of man
Who keeps his thumb jammed in the dam
That holds his dreams in,
But that's a secret that only Margaret knows.
the world, you a boy band with a dance and a twirl
I'm a rockstar with a band so thorough
Big ass tour bus that's jammed full of girls
T-t-tell' em what it
Peeped your gat, jammed tight, Ross your lookin' to riff (what the fuck?)
QB's type shit, cause we runnin' your clique
See me in the drop, with your six,
A tattoo of pyramids, puttin hollows in clips
Peeped your gat, jammed tight, Ross your lookin to riff (what the fuck?)
QB's type shit, cause we runnin your
Wotcha-wa-wa-wa, we're jammin' (wotcha-wa),
See, I wanna jam it wid you
We're jammin' (jammin', jammin', jammin')
I'm jammed: I hope you're jammin', too.


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