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The cost of immorality
And we hide the truth to deceive them all
And the pain of what will never be
Try to silence the suspicions
Feeding the dark
popular immorality
Sympathy disease head, population misled
Self indulgent past dead, absence of the God head
Pimps, pushers and harlotry
Nepotism, no
Imagine Humanity's decline
Step inside my stain of mind
Infesting superiority
Infectious immorality oh yea
Come worship the place no truths are
for holocaust 
God damned us all to hell to make us pay 
Abandoned into immorality 
I hate today, I hate your tomorrow 
I hate the way that no soul
popular immorality
Sympathy disease head, population misled
Self indulgent past dead, absence of the God head
Pimps, pushers and harlotry
Nepotism, no
was young, people spoke of immorality.
All the things they said were wrong are what I want to be.

(Hey!) Over, under, sideways, down,
(Hey!) I
What's immorality ?
it's said to be
The lies they breed
The pages start to bleed
How can this be ?

Let go of my world
Let it go

Touch my soul
and broken
Drunk on immorality
Valium and cherry wine
Coke and ecstasy
You're gonna blow your mind

I understand the fascination
I've even been there once
into your back
Forged from our ignorance from our immorality
A parody, this mockery
To no avail you kneel before this our insanity

Another life
in fascination
So entertaining in your hell Immorality embraced within yourself
Will you be interesting When all are dead and gone
Will you be
No mercy
No hope
No karma
No devotion
No immorality
No soul

No talking just head
I cannot be dead!
I will be in your head
You will be
pleasure and greed
Prideful people all filled with conceit
Selfish generation who lacks all belief
Like the days of lot I think you would agree
Exterminate the wicked
Feast on the remains

An undefined purgatory one can't conceive
Foreshadowing a demise of immorality

An unprecedented culture
our kids society
We trade the truth for immorality
We strip the people like the holocaust
While we leave em in pain like a cavity

I see politicians
I'll keep you I the loop

Oblivion let's make it last
Locusts swarm and swallow the past
Immorality of driving cash
Locust swarm and swallow the past
acting like you witch doctors
I suggest you try to figure out what you bout
Selling immorality and roads to tragedy, honestly it's sad to see
And it's
Hey face of evil
Will you please walk out the door now

Life is a constant cycle of calmness before the storm
Immorality shapeshifts in a variety
We have immorality
We do not respect each other (Amen)
And worst of all we do not respect ourselves
If we cannot respect ourselves
No one will
on the Cross for such a sinful man
After all of the lustin', with a heart of corruption
The sexual immorality, oh God, I'm disgusting
And the wages of sin
The clarity of reality bestowed upon me now
Immorality, insanity I curse upon you now
All this misery it’s a crimson sea for dwellers of the past
oh as for me
I go carry my torch to light the world

The other day on tv
Sixty married age sixteen
Abuse and immorality
I hear the screams the innocent
Your purgatory is right here
Become now food for worms
Immorality reborn, iniquity unleashed
A vicious suffering being
Worshiping to nothingness 
heart can see His face 
So this belly may growl but I'll be still 
Because I have food no one knows about to do His will 
Abstaining from immorality
never saw Gandhi carryin' a night stick
A brutal force on public display
The definition of immorality
It's about time to wake up and see the truth

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