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she loves, does that become your mission?
Like a pantomime villain with an axe to grind?
To regain your self-respect, hold your head up like a man,
Wooden leg (Check!) Galvanized tub (Check!) Money for dope 
Aw (oh) Ice cube tray (Check!) Gasoline (Check!) Savings bond (Check!) Laughing gas (Check!)
I'm every man here in disguise
Lie cheat and give you a spoonful of lies
I'm a high toned mother with an axe to grind
Come a little closer honey,
Isolated World in pain the tyrants bitter triumph 
Devoted celebrate the empires ice cold victory 
Fed their soulless bodies to the vultures
The wolf will swallow the sun
And the daughter in her womb
The moon will be retorn from the skies
Stars will fall
Earth will rive and Upheaven
Time of axes
Ice, coolin', yo colder than ever
Punk executioner, E pull the lever
Rotate the wax, then cut and axe the tracks
Push up the levels 'til the red
Ice so sharp it slice through your cataracts
Hard from the wars, he tough as a battle axe
Don't hate him 'cause he hot, God put him where he at
our weapons of pain
All of their blood we will drain.
Swinging my axe, off comes their head
All of the posers are dead
=2E..wouldn't be very nice
I see three peaks: one for Hell, one for heaven, one for Grand Mystery
In Hell three lakes: of burning tar, of vermin and of ice- all brimming with
Is to wear the shortest axe
You can do it again, yeah
* Well the lady took a chance
But there is no guarantees in romance
Although you may respect
Mounted men, with axe and shield
on their ride through shallow field
See your sons oh Vanadis
Light my ways oh Manalihs

Freyas Val
down with axe
we went in the movies and just chilled and relaxed

I found a body, I sure as hell could use a buddy
I'm lonely, I could use
attention, this gypsy that deeply senses
Evil spirits lurking behind picket fences
Embarking darker images and skeletal remains
Cold hearted soldier with ice
here bitch (No! *Thumb* Damn!)
I'll stand on a stump and let you trim my toenails with a axe
I'll sucker punch a gorilla and then try to run with
speak, the way I get down, the way I sound
And if you axe/ask me, they must be on the jock
Of the innovator (one two), rock roll bounce to skater
Karrington, ice rock gritty
Carly doh on flowin tea flashers, Acapolco how my sign seen
Second to catch it
First I feel it when I peel it
In the hall wit my
with ice in his veins
My thought pattern is scattered playing Russian roulette
I'm a rottweiler, Excaliber, rock like Metallica
Got to be sargent,
want to' battle rap, I swing the battle axe
Chop ya head off until Hailey go tattle that (da-da)


All night everyday you can have it ya
My fours better be real
You wanna be tough? Alright, you'll forever be steel
Still, I get nicer yet out-ice ya'
And rhyme with the force of a Jedi
bring this hocus pocus
you're flying away
like the last days of the motherfuckin loafers
I'm the redneck in the moshpit
2 axes come in handy
to answer
on the car
Trying to rip the moon roof lid off, out there
Bitch turned the wipers on
Hazard lights and blew the horn
I smashed with my axe, and pulled her
and shimmer on down
Santa Claus Clown
Can't fuck around, now
Livingroom, shhh, I creep
Tippy toes 'cause they asleep
I pulled out the axe and slid down the hall
Swing with Battle Axe cause I can't stay average
Roll with the maverick who moves spider-matic
Down with the ice vein, angel misguided
The phantom in
(cherry syrup on ice cream) yum.What you say i buy you some, what's your name bitch, where you from?You know me but don't be scared, (bloody hands are

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