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Nuestro lujo es respirar
Quien opera en este hospital
Es la fé

La vida en su poder
La culpa es del rey

Enfermera, inyecte más
Me olvidé como gozar
Soy un
selva al hospital
Adiós, adiós, adiós, adiós mil veces,
Adiós, adiós, ya nada será igual.

Y los hombres grandes en el autobús
Grandes como armarios pero
Eu me queimei com mingau
Tive que ir pra o hospital
Aquilo foi uma imperícia
Mas o mingau estava uma delícia

Achei que seria boa ideia
you some ammo, load it, cock back, and release 
But you still survive and lie in a hospital bed for the rest of your life
And no hospital takes you in
sound from my car speakers keeps me from thinking 
About what I did to get you to where you are now

Now I'm pacing back and forth between hospital rooms
could see it as day
This hospital's a jail; I am moved to a secure location

Blood loss increases exponentially
My hands aren't enough, the spirit fades
July 1968, in a hospital beside the small brown church
Baby girl just born and clings to her life while tubes stick out her chest
Mom and Dad don't
A way
A way
A way
I'll cough up the guilt that's settled in my lungs
And from a hospital bed I'll scream 
This is no place to call a home! 
But I'll call
Cold apple juice in a paper cup 
Remember when I talked to you 
In a hospital cafeteria? 
Skirting past the obvious 
Ignoring my blatant wounds
See what I mean?
The dead dance a little faster when they hear the master singing in the pasture
Here we are in this hospital
My guitar is inhospitable
I drove a new born baby home from the hospital 
On her very first car ride 
Balloons blocking the rear view the whole time 

I've dealt with drunken
spreading, across the bedding, the hospital floors they burn through and seep
The smoke it feeds just like the blackest disease, sexual favors brought forth
desnutrido en un hospital
Un chiquito empastado te afana y te vuela los sesos
Arde la provincia y el fuego llegó a la capital
La muerte espera agazapada en
Un chiquito muere desnutrido en un hospital
Un chiquito empastado te afana y te vuela los sesos
Arde la provincia y el fuego llegó a la capital
cuestión de suerte.
Un chiquito muere desnutrido en un hospital,
Un chiquito empastado te afana y te vuela los sesos.
Arde la provincia y el fuego llegó a la
There really is nothing nice about USA
You go to the hospital you gotta pay
The dollar is the language that they all speak
They don't really bother
Any way and any how

Well she's probably in a mental hospital
Or locked down tight in jail

Well she's probably in a mental hospital (you know, one
The burdens can be heavy duty
(Ooh) But we carry on

Don't ever doubt my love is devout
The hospital's a world away
We still sashay
You're in
going through
I've got nothing left to lose 

I think I'm better off dead 
Than lying here in this hospital bed
Sentenced to death 
No hope left 
Twisting through the caverns of doubt
Will I be forgotten or will you keep me tucked away?
 Inside your skull, your house, my hospital 
Hanging heavy
contemplating every word you said
Counting seconds from your hospital bed
Keep your eyes off of the hour glass
So much time has passed 
Yet everyday is shorter
subido la bilirrubina
Y me entró la calentura y me fui poniendo blanco como bola de naftalina
me llevaron a un hospital de gente supuestamente en la
quit cuz God will never fall me
Told myself I won’t let cancer derail me
In the hospital I was fighting my survival
Declared war on cancer and made it my
Unos van al trabajo
y otros vuelven de trabajar
La vida sigue en marcha
en cualquier lugar
En tu casa y en la mía
También en el hospital
Hoy soy,

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