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do it like this
Honourable bachelor
But I already mastered the flow
Pick a place on the globe
Cuz we got places to go
Hardly let people in
I’m usually
offered to stay
Clogging up brains, operate on ya honourable ways
Hold your psalms, and stay so bizarre
Flick up and throw socks at smoke alarms
If you can
the devil has plans for
He stands in the House of the Commons, Honourable Members dousing the forest with napalm
Eight arms and a war machine
Take part in
on zero
Boy I'm working for that kilo
Honourable like I'm C Note
Yea the flow from Puerto Rico
Yea they call me Pellegrino
Yeah yeah
I been chilling in
From the wood a splinter like that rat dude

Like I am CoryxKenshin
Give him that honourable mention
Fight with me there'll be tension
Sword to the neck,
We have increasing rate of unemployed with honors
How honourable? They just wanna rise on a point of order
They back to address locals
To attract
the clock watch, it's all hogwash
Forward to the comrades forward
The Honourable, The President is no longer walking untouched

I keep running around (I keep
Think, just think about it
Let it totally fill your mind
Look ahead and not behind

Whatever is generous
Whatever is sound
Or just and good and honourable
the fuck in the playpen
I'm a crazy little bitch
Ain't talking Marilyn Manson
They be doing all they can to get that honourable mention 
Baby lay off all
the body but my mindstates older
You ain't OG if you don't live by a code
It's the morals that we live by
You gotta be honourable inside
Solid wid a strict
on a roll
Most of these niggas in the streets no they not honourable 

I made some choices in my life n they were optional 
Difficult times I had to hurdle
treated equally
Bisaribi identity steady on yo grind
On behalf of ma community spittin' righteous rhyme
Honourable mention to NNC and NPC
To all
I'm so kind and so honourable
Opened my heart up a million times
Sometimes I wish I'd just been confined
I've had so many ups and downs
Maybe it's part
a little honourable
Leaving me messages indecipherable
All the time I spent with you irrecoverable
Girl how you always looks so fine
Girl how you always look
of millions
Or could it be billions
Attack when they’re vulnerable
Sing like you’re honourable
I know the difference
It’s nothing to me
You may be lost
Thats honourable but i got you i splurge cake
You a pretty little mermaid
You don't belong here you a pearl babe
And it got to the third date
I still aint
as soothing as condescension
Playing with insanity. Profanity

Crawling through the battlefield, the aftermath has no distinction
Of a man whose honourable
Oba ikorodu Ikorodu oga awon Ijoye ikorodu oga senator bayo Ikorodu 
Oga honourable sob Ikorodu oga

Ati gbe de to gun to gun
Ati gbe de ti ja ti ja
Dear honourable Bro Gad,
Good day sir, my respect
Mi need fi talk to yuh, Yuh dun know how Di ting set
Mi need fi know a where dis lady live
shoe no deɛ yenka honourable general mosquito ma freestyle
Article 26 nonti kanee na obia ne ne own style.

From the British Accra, the James town
The heart of lights and shadows
Lives free and honourable
It's your fault to be pressed by lights and shadows
You have to face the thorny truth

On one hand I'm counting honourable mentions
Are you mad
Or better yet crazy
You know all of your faves Fugazi yeah you know
You coming at me with another
gonsoun, Gbenga marose owo mii da oo
Saheed egbeyemi gomina agege owo mii da oo aihhnn
Honourable Ogundimu Obasa owo mii da o eh eh

Ibe gada Iba Jamal dolly
like a dreamer a winner
But God tell me say
Mutanda Mutanda
Ah shina ah peller
My honourable come tell me say
Mutanda Mutanda 2x

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