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We follow, this little bullet so hollow
I can promise that estacy ain't promised tomorrow
With this two man mades
Me and my soul death astrayed

To the end of the world, which to I would follow 

Now, when I fuck you, the shit echos 'cause you pussy is so hollow 

Turn your fat ass sideways 

Question, were your feelings worth taking my tomorrow's, kid?
And you know Jersey gun laws, I'm talking hollow tips
So you can tell them niggas you roll with
I should send you my hollow tips 'cause they rip through organs
Keyboards pianos it's T. Soprano
it's too much heat to handle
It's Culture - 6
my hollow tips, trying to bruise
Whoa ride to the island of youth, fuck it choke him till he blue
Subtract two Cardier for your crew, doctors have work
bum with the hollow heat seeker
Red Cross bitch niggas, fuck the pint, she take blood by the litre
I'll never leave her, my viscous vixen
On liquor,
tossin' out the bags of herb
Ain't afraid to pop the steel, hollow tips to make you feel
If you want to punk me out, pop these niggas in they grill
we do is go hard
Cuts them chicken's off
But we let 'em go hard
Regardless who you are
We will break you off a bar
Load off the hollows
Discharge 'em
something better 
So grams I had to measure 
To keep cheddar like Bank Tellers 
And still keep the hollow-heads flyin' like fuckin' Delta 
Run for shelter,
rollick and bullets quite hollow 
And ladies they really love a nigga's pipe game 
Givin' 'em slight pain for brain you might gain 
Above the weather no
And god kno I kno
That somebody gon hate on me
But god kno I'm thug so
U kno lil boosie go and get skeet

Our father who art in heaven
Hollow be thy
you so badly

I was young and dumb, fast life sprung
Of the money and tricks that it brung
Had a clip full of hollows to bring your momma sorrow
But now
over the head with a bottle if your wallet hollow

[Verse 8 - Chamillionaire - imitating Bushwick Bill]
Your mind playin tricks if it's not me your askin
TL:Hollow Tips 


TL:Leather gloves and bombs pasting all the exits 


TL:ID strap with the PV in the back
the joys of life
.357 with them hollow point shells in the midnight
Check it, first I walk up on him like I know him
Then, I let me conversation start
Catch the beat for the Ace Duece Trey
Big Freeze is in effect for 94 and I'mma spray
Tec-9  hollow point tips on your Slob-ass killin
of Conservative democraty.

As pacifist we are too easily forced back into tokenism,
Making hollow gestures against the wheels of the juggernaut.
The line is

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