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Holed up with the hallowed lost my better place
One would pen for whom, for when the other wouldn't
I can't mind a manor
Wasted in the ward
I'll come
stood on mountain tops pretending to be kings
And the king holed up and never losed was doing idle things
Transgress the Himalayas in the night
Mad John came down from Birmingham very hastily
And from Borstal he had ran
He made it down to Torquay
Good boy Mad John

Mad John holed up
Raeleen wheeler was the first girl I loved
Through the last year of high school, we were thicker than blood
Holed up in Mississippi, and starvin'
I was heading to the bus stop Matty
You were reading in your room, holed up all day
You picked me up in a brand new Audi
And said "she bought it
I gots to gets me some love
'Cause it gets me loved
Gots to gets me some hole
Like it gets me holed
I'm your greatest, oh hero
I'm your heroine
I've got a few more days to go and
I've got another crust of bread somewhere holed up 
Waiting in this 
Is this what's left of the house 

I've got a few more days to go and
I've got another crust of bread somewhere holed up 
Waiting in this 
Is this what's left of the house 

Now you’ve heard of old Sam Oakenhurst
Holed the wheel, earned himself a hearse
Bête Paul swore a powerful curse
Put Sam’s name down to kill him
The satisfaction. 
To bash my fist upon your face. 
I've yet to find a reason. 

My K-holed son...
that we'll never win
Push and pull we begin again
We dance like dust on these byways

We are mouthing the words that we'll never say
Holed up here
"You" another tired second-person address, 
Words written hastily and under duress. 
I’m cold and holed up in the back of the van, 
holed in I'm high I'm high dead green Now watch her fired eyes run clean...  It falls like Black Death  Gloaming gone shadows on shadows Fall...
""Bennett Lamb's been holed up in his shack Working ever patiently Clocks are ticking Bennett's headed back to New York 1983  To meet himself
I walk around with a headglow
Shrugging my shoulders
Fucking up everything
And they won't stop following me
Holed up in a tower
of my youth if I knew the youth'd come back

I was holed up in my hotel 
I got a telephone call
Girl down in the lobby, girl I didn't know at all
dropped out of tune

We holed up
In those four walls
As the world outside passed us by
When the morning's embrace
Shed a light on your face
I saw
if you just noticed that you've been followed home.Look into my eyes, hollow holed, Ill Bill, cold-blooded demon fronm hell without a soul. 
he's not originally from this country so he's on his final warning
He got deported back to his hometown where the older cousin was holed now
Holed in a hotel, miles from home
My t-shirt soaked through with sweat
I just rocked a set, and if you'd like to know
Right now I'm feeling flatter than
As the rain washes away
Away, away

Leave home, if you got one
You've been holed away so long
Waiting for this day to come
Tell me what you're searching
You're in the fold, you're pigeon holed
You'll waste away if you don't shake them
I had that feeling role right over me
It kept me where I needed

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