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And the fire went out
Like a fading star
Like my black-holed heart
Light years apart
In a world gone dark

Love has left your eye
There's no need for you to lie
the dried earth land it threads the gate
Tunnel hedges
Old man's beard
Sticking to the wild plums
Old man's beard
And follows the pot-holed tracks
That lead
Jackson was an actor 
At least he was when he was well
Stephanie was good to me but not so much to herself
We were holed up in a hotel room from
and I'm gonna live today

Do robots dream of electric sheep?
I need to live my dreams, not just in my sleep
I've been holed up here, but it's time
Holed up in your little room, we talk for hour on empty hour,
pacing up and down between the walls that we have built ourselves. 
No more with
want to see your goodness around me
but it's got the properties of water - transparent as glass
your goodness is coiled like a fist,
holed up in
Street cars come humming down 
On pot-holed streets where our past 
Is dead and lying. 
Living lifetimes in a day, 
In this fieldtown. 
(Oh how we
To nail you to the ground
Hammer out your grades
Never stop to think of it

I was wrong
To trigger this grenade
Strap it to our arms
Holed up in our rooms
the family
Three days later a mother had to bury her son

Not far away the shooter holed up in a hotel
Near to the highway with a friend and the gun
London's fine
Did my time
Threshed the truth
Out the lie

Snowman cold
Pigeon holed
Cooed to death
Pilgrim soul

Curtain closed
Holed up in a motel, only she knows why
Stars dancing in her eyes
Wants her fifteen minutes, so much she could cry
She'll take it on at any price
of me
I've done my time, holed up and lonesome
All hung up on nothing but a long gone dream

Gonna burn this bridge down
Leave the embers smokin'
steady with little magic
No checked bags show up with the most baggage
Fresh hell dragging old hell up from holed rabbits
From mangled emotion and gross
too alive to instruct
On his own, yet wove are a knife in the gut
So a holed-up night was a fiber to clutch
Wednesday 9/2/98, but really
Not even
A year now and nothing much has changed
Holed up in a motel in El Paso
This was meant to be my great escape
But, I got lost along the way
I have to screw up both my eyes
As it goes into sudden death.
They whisper
"Really all these noughts are circles holed, bereft
And all these
so right
But you had another man holed up last night
Oh I believe, oh I believe
I'm in love again

I can always tell
when you've been
deflated air, baby
You'll never say goodbye on me
You might as well be cheating on a stranger

Holed up around the corner
Love is not a favor
Time is
'So dumb (the person), I called your name in verse
To the masked poled opponents of partisans 
And sentiments and cake-holed second verse
And I
I hadn't seen the place since '68
When we all got high and we rolled that tape
We were holed up waiting for a call from the man
Who had crashed
know it brought me to my knees
I’m holed up in the desert breeze 
San Gabriel can go to hell
My heart is broken down 
And the racists in this town
Wise up, grab the kids and car
Take them until you're very far
Holed up in here without a chance
Mallrats on skid row wanna dance, they wanna dance
ready to go 
Holed up at home 
getting ready to go 
A little down time 
that's a party of mine 

A little down time 
that's a party of mine 
A little down
stood on mountain tops pretending to be kings
And the king holed up and never losed was doing idle things
Transgress the Himalayas in the night

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