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Allen Hoist  


of the sea,
Shoutin' orders to his crew; no one hears but me.

Cast away, tide's a runnin'

Hoist the sail, strong wind's comin'.
Gonna try to sail away
Oh no, why are you always complaining?
Burning bright, but you're bone tired and fading out
Better to watch you hoist the above,
Always fails
Hoist those standards, arm-in-arm
Walk the walk and talk the talk
Agitate, agitate, agitate
a temptress 
And baby I'm defenseless 
Singing harmony, in unison, sweet harmony 
Gotta hoist the flag and I'll beat your drum
to stand his ground and who's going to blink?
Surge forward from Van Cortlandt Park like frightened sheep
Spirit throngs that hoist us high, three thousand
to you
But I'm so crazy, what can I do?
So raise the anchor
Hoist the canvas
Sail me to my heart

Hey downer, don't prey on me
We've all got bum raps that torment us day to day
That we hoist on our own shoulders

Is it any wonder
People pass you
and rainbows unfold
I watch the monkey make his habit
a halo
through a needle of gold

Left foot
Right foot
March to the drums and die

Hoist your
one Bass, no, make it two
Don't need no lip from you, I need a drink

Fire up the generator, hoist the flag and set the sails
Tonight ain't gonna be
to you
But I'm so crazy, what can I do?
So raise the anchor
Hoist the canvas
Sail me to my heart
you can kill with no remorse,
With no recourse, dance on your conscience until it's a corpse.
War never ends.
War never begins.
Hoist up the hag
But the Albion sails on course
So man the decks and hoist the rigging
Because the pig mans found the source
And there's twelve rude boys
to bear
You invested everything you had in me
Hoping I would hoist your flag for all to see 
But I broke the things you cherished so carefully
far above
I will sing the song of death
When all comes down
Hoist the flag of pain and fear
The poison is in my veins
You can't break me
The devil
Flashing of steel and the clash of the sword
Last breath, the kill of the day
Proving what all men must fear

Hoist up the mainbrace and fasten
crazy, what can I do?
So raise the anchor, hoist the canvas
And sail into to my heart
to you
But I'm so crazy, what can I do?
So raise the anchor up
Hoist the canvas
Sail me to my heart
them to their knees
Or squander as they thrive

Reject the cure for their common complaint [x2, second time scream]
On break,

Well, I wish I was in New Orleans
I can see it in my dreams
Arm in arm down Burgundy
A bottle and my friends and me
Hoist up a few tall cool ones
I want to go home. 
(I want to go home. So now,)

Hoist up the John be's sails. See how the main sails set. 
Call for the captain
much for me to up and run
To another life somewhere in the sun

Here's a toast to you on the coast and the sailors out at sea
Drink your ales, hoist
(We'll be free!) 
No king to rule us down
(Ride the sea!) 
Man the boats and hoist the sails, 
(All hands on deck!) 
There's land to find I know,
something to know your lost

I hoist my sail
Through there is no wind in sight
And I close my eyes to feel the fresh breeze
Paint the inside of my
leave me alone?
Well I feel so broke up I wanna go home

So hoist up the John B's sail
See how the mainsail sets
Call for the captain ashore
Let me

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