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she giving the hickies 
She nasty 
I tell her go get it 
She swallow the pistol
I bust on her grizzle 
Now normally I would not bang
But lately Ive been
My girl, touch mi again I swear
Mi fuck yuh suh hard mek yuh cry all tears
Skinny but it feel like attack from a grizzle bear
Baby have no fear,
I had a vision
A hard collision
Planets bursting in flames
It made me sizzle
With fretful grizzle
I woke up laden with shame

It was a symbol
Of all
cripping ain't  it
I'm the caption of the ship 
Day care bussing on her lips 
Memphis grizzles balling how I'm dunking on em
Lot of toe stepping how I'm
and depression y'all we stuck in the rain
Everybody on their grizzle tryina hustle for change 	
Like nothin done changed seemingly we stuck in our ways
roll with the ugh, ahhh, gotta add a lil more grizzle
Audemar bitch that’s dangerous, gotta keep ya head on a swivel
Since niggas like running they
Brizzo, you with Eazle
Now go ahead and put that kitty on my grizzle

You know the deal 
Imma treat you like a queen, I'm in the zone
Put your booty on my
it’s nothing
It’s time to take a bite out the game
On our McGruff and grizzle
A tougher riddle’s
Never been before ya
Know you can’t box (box and 1)
that, I could feel the moisture in the air from right down below
On my grown and my grizzle but I'd slip in the middle
Play the fiddle for the days you'd
the hearts of grown men it's such a shame
My music is bleeding the block, like I'm cutting veins
Heavy on my grizzle I don't do this sh*t for nothing

That's why I'm suppose to keep this pistol
It aint yo about luck it's about yo grizzle

You get off yo grind thats when shit hit you
Some family
bear back like a grizzle
Baby i'm busy i just want a quickie i only can stay for a minute
And i'm kind of picky and i like them skinny so i can go crazy
im back on my grizzle
Up up in the rental watch what the spin do
Off the hizzle on instrumentals fuck a pen or a pencil
Shit I’m lying this shit I
what they like 
Did my time with a pen and paper 
Now, there's more paper 
I've been steady on the grizzle 
Keen with the sizzle 
I'm a grizzly without
to go
I go loco thats fo'sho i will rap to rock a show 
And I'm always on my grizzle you can ask all my bros
And i love all my brothers yea i do it for
Henny and some grizzle on a late night
We ain't watching Netflix, you gon' take pipe

Pussy so good, might fuck around and drown in it, drown in it
I'm somewhere lost in the times/ lost in the lines I'm so divine I'm a rare breed they stop making my kind/ I'm back on my grizzle I'm back on my grind
Back on attack
My grizzle
Is far from whack, so I project
The thug thizzle
Inner riddles
Been spookin me lately
Everybody got ghosts, but I got like
heart-attack to scratch her talons on
Like redwood bark, baring it all
Woke up grizzle, we're all stuck in our own little bullshit world
And always migrating
ah sleep
Dawg dem from day one like Grizzle, and Mickey
And Clap It, and Buzzman did deh 'ya and zeet seh
Me deserve di glory
Dem nuh know man
All her wanting
Was met with silence.

She can't be blamed
For trying.
In a bedroom
Of pine and grizzle
It's her home now
It's home now
new one
Never sell out ask Grizzle and Buzzman

Real thugs never forget the dump land
Or where me come from, yeah
Real thugs never worry 'bout
opening cans with your teeth
Chewing on the grizzle, trying just to have some cake
Toying with intentions, undoing what you make
It's hard to chew
Super money shit, now can you smell that?
I'm on my grizzle, trying to make a milli'
Duffle full of money, more off in my denims
That's brown paper,

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